Images of the tornado causing impressive damage to several cities in the United States

UNITED STATES – Huge dark tornado rips through the skies: Dozens of tornadoes struck the Central United States on Friday, April 26, causing significant damage and injuring at least three people, according to officials. You can see it in the video above the article. More than 70 tornadoes were recorded across the country by the US Weather Service (NWS), most of them near Omaha, Nebraska and Iowa.

On the site, pictures of storm chasers posted on social networks show huge black vortices sweeping the sky, throwing earth, dust and material back in their path. The result: dozens of destroyed buildings, downed power lines, derailed trains.

In Elkhorn, a suburb of Omaha, images showed houses in ruins, roofs blown off and trees seemingly bare. “Emergency services continue to check affected homes and provide assistance to the injured.”Omaha Police wrote in X.

Further south, near Lincoln, a tornado struck an industrial shed. About 70 people were evacuated when the building collapsed, but three of them were injured, but not life-threatening, Lancaster County officials said at a news conference.

The NWS, which has issued numerous tornado warnings for several states in the Central United States, predicts the weather event will continue Saturday across a wide swath of the agricultural plains, including Texas.

Tornadoes, a weather phenomenon that can be difficult to predict, are relatively common in the United States, especially in the central and southern parts of the country.

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