In Abuja a man was burned alive by an angry mob

Police say one person was burned to death by an angry Muslim mob as he engaged in an argument with a cleric who had rallied his supporters against the victim in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, on Saturday. Ahmed Usman, a 30-year-old security guard in the Lukbe area, said: “The incident took place in Abuja.Argued with a religious leader“Muslim.

The controversy escalated when the monk gathered his disciples. Police say about 200 people violently attacked Ahmed Usman before setting him on fire. Peace has since returned to the neighborhood, and the reasons for the clash between the two were not immediately reported.

Police have not said whether he is involved in the most sensitive and tense case of blasphemy in Africa’s most populous country, which is often divided equally between the Christian – majority south and the predominantly Muslim north. Swearing under the Sharia is punishable by death, which is a common law in many northern Nigerian states. But gang killings are common.

In May, a mob set fire to homes and shops in the northern state of Pouchi.Defamatory news was published on social media“The violence comes just days after Deborah Samuel, a Christian student from the northern city of Sokoto, was stoned to death for allegedly publishing blasphemous news about the Prophet Muhammad, according to local police.

Four days later, hundreds of Muslims protested in the northeastern city of Maiduguri demanding the death of another Christian woman.

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