In Germany, the sex lives of soldiers are under discussion

Letter from Berlin

There is a lot of talk these days about the German military, and 100 billion euros in special funds were allocated by a large majority to the Bundestag on Friday, June 3rd. If Bundeswere is in the news, it is apparently the cause of a strange affair, but in reality it raises a fundamental political question: Does a soldier have the same right to same-sex life as any other citizen?

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Apparently, the answer is no, because Anastasia Beefang learned the hard way. On May 25, the Federal Administrative Court rejected the 47-year-old lieutenant colonel’s appeal against the reproach imposed on him by his superiors in 2019 because of his Tinder profile. It says: “Direct, erotic, trance *, in an open relationship, looking for sex. All genders are welcome [tous genres bienvenus]. ⁇

In this profile, the one who ordered 381e The Bundeswehr’s Signal Battalion, near Berlin, made no mention of his occupation. But that did not stop her from recognizing him. It has to be said that Anastasia Beefang has a certain reputation in Germany, especially because of the documentary that director Thomas Laydenberger dedicated to her in 2019. Released in theaters under the title. This was followed by anesthesia (“I am Anastasia”), tells the story of Bundeswehr Lieutenant Colonel Anastasia Biefang, who, in 2017, was the first transgender to hold the rank of senior officer in the German army.

In its judgment, the Federal Administrative Court found that such tinder violated the profile “A good code of conduct that a soldier should respect outside of his service, especially when it comes to being a battalion commander of about 1,000 under his command, refers to taking into account the words and images she uses on the Internet.”.

For this reason, he writes in court, Words that can cause a false impression such as blind sex life and dishonesty of character should be avoided. To the discerning observer, the words “open relationship, sexual search, all genders are welcome” may cast doubt on the integrity of what is really needed, which is why these words may have been accused. , The most severe disciplinary action ”.

“We were not in 1955”

The verdict provoked a number of reactions, both legally and politically. In a long article published by an online magazine Legal Tribune Online, Patrick Heinmann, a lawyer who is a member of the German Society for Martial Law and International Humanitarian Law, describes it as “prudent and dangerous.” “Very problematic” Arguments of the Court.

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