In Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu fears an ICC arrest warrant

Benjamin Netanyahu (here, February 18) launched a veritable diplomatic campaign to stave off potential lawsuits.
Ronen Suulun/Reuters

Explanation – Israeli Prime Minister may be prosecuted for war crimes in Gaza.

Tel Aviv

A head of government, a defense minister and a chief of staff were targeted by international arrest warrants: for Benjamin Netanyahu, the scene was no political fantasy. The Israeli prime minister fears that the International Criminal Court (ICC) will issue an international arrest warrant against him and other political and military leaders for war crimes in the Gaza Strip. According to Israeli media, the court's attorney general, Karim Khan, may issue arrest warrants in the coming days. Netanyahu could find himself in the same situation as Vladimir Putin, for example, under an international arrest warrant from March 2023. Conclusion: He launched a real diplomatic campaign to protect against this event.

We will not stop defending ourselves. Whatever the court decides, it will not affect Israeli actions because it would set a dangerous precedent.

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