In Jim Nantz, Sadness and Epic Bills win over the Presidents

Doris Nantz He passed away earlier this month She is 92 years old. Her family said she is concerned with the welfare of others at her expense and that her children know her as the greatest mother and grandmother anyone could ever live. You’ve probably never heard of Doris Nantz before, but you definitely know her son. Called the Bills ’24-20 win over heads On Sunday alongside Tony Romo and Tracy Wolfson.

Jim Nantz is a longtime professional so you wouldn’t know based on Sunday’s broadcast that he was, in his words, “shattered” by the loss of Doris. My mother passed away in March 2020A week before the world is turned upside down, the sense of loss has not completely disappeared. I was thinking of Doris Nantz on Sunday as her son launched the epic battle between the top AFC teams, 266 days after Kansas City’s impressive overtime win in the AFC playoff game last year. I was told that Doris was a frequent guest on CBS Sports at the Super Bowls and Final Fours.

Jim Nantz was excellent from the Sunday game jump, including smoothly navigating the front and reset for the Patriots-Browns crowd at 4:28PM ET which turned into a Buffalo-Kansas City game a few games in. Seconds before the snap on the play where buffalo quarterback Josh Allen found widely

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