In Russia, a military parade justifying the war; May 9 rallies under tension in Moldova and Latvia

Russia is fighting back, says Vladimir Putin, who celebrates the 1945 Nazi defeat

Vladimir Putin said Monday morning that the Russian military was fighting to defend itself in Ukraine. “Homeland” Against one “Unacceptable Threat”In a speech aimed at inciting the patriotism of the Russians and their support for this conflict.

“I address our Armed Forces: You are fighting for the country and its future.”Mr. Putin said in a speech that lasted about ten minutes at 10:15 a.m. (9:15 a.m. Paris time) in Red Square that the traditional military parade on May 9 marked the victory and sacrifice against the Nazis in 1945. Millions of Soviets.

In front of thousands of soldiers marching in the shadow of the Kremlin’s red walls, Vladimir Putin reconsidered his decision to invade Ukraine on February 24, reiterating that Kiev was preparing to launch an offensive against the pro-Russian separatists in the Donbass. , Wanted to equip with a nuclear bomb and was supported by NATO. “A completely unacceptable threat is emerging on our border”He again accused his neighbor of being neo-Nazi and called for a Russian offensive “Preventive response” And “Only the right result”.

Mr Putin placed May 9 at the heart of Russian patriotism as about 27 million Soviet people died in World War II. Building on this grim historical reality, the Russian president on Monday reiterated that amid many fears of escalating conflict in Ukraine, it is Russia’s duty to avoid another world war. “It is our duty to remember those who crushed Nazism (…) And everything must be done to prevent the recurrence of the horrors of a global war. “he said.

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After his speech, dozens of vehicles, including 11,000 soldiers, strategic missiles and tanks, marched through Red Square. Among them, the returning units from the Ukrainian front. The parade had to be canceled due to inclement weather, with Ilyushin Il-80, an “Apocalypse aircraft” designed for Russian leaders during the nuclear war. .

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