In the Solomon Islands, the United States warns against any Chinese military “installation”

United States Solomon warned the islands that retaliation would be “accordingly” China The White House said Friday that it wants to establish a “permanent military presence” in the Pacific archipelago following the signing of the controversial defense agreement.

The high-level U.S. delegation that visited Solomons explained to the island’s leaders Beijing The move to move towards “establishing a permanent military presence” would cause “serious concerns” for the United States, which would “retaliate accordingly,” the US president said in a statement. This would apply if any “military installation” or “force planning capabilities” were established, which would allow Chinese troops to be sent into the region, he said.

“No military base, no long-term presence”

White House and US State Department envoys traveled to the Solomon Islands on Friday to meet with Prime Minister Manasseh Chowdhury. While Washington wants to persuade the archipelago not to sign a deal with Beijing, they appear to have been shocked by the formalization of this reconciliation on Tuesday.

“In response to concerns raised, Prime Minister Chowdhury reiterated his commitment that there would be no military base, no long-term presence and no military capabilities,” the president’s office explained. “The United States has said it will continue to monitor developments closely with its regional partners.

During the “substantial discussions” and the “scope, scope and transparency of the agreement”, the U.S. delegation stressed the potential potential impacts of regional security.

Security Conversation

But the Americans promised to “respect” Solomon’s “right to make their own sovereign decisions” and to gesture towards them and try to impress the islands. Among them are accelerating the opening of a U.S. embassy, ​​strengthening cooperation in unexploded ordnance, dispatching hospital ships for public health assistance, or providing additional immunizations.

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The two countries have pledged to launch a “high-level strategic dialogue” that will focus specifically on the key issue of security.

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