Iran's supreme leader has threatened Israel after attacking the Israeli embassy in Syria

Iran has been crying out for revenge for Israel's strike against its embassy in Damascus for more than two days. The latter killed around ten people, including two key military commanders in charge of military operations in Syria and Lebanon. Tehran's tough tone raises fears of a new escalation in the region.

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With our correspondent in Tehran,Chiavosh Ghazi

In an address to the country's political and military leaders, No. One IranianAyatollah Ali Khameneidirectly threatened Israel Retaliatory measures after an attack Iranian Embassy In Damascus. ” The failure of the Zionist regime will certainly continue. Desperate attempts like they did in Syria will not help them. They will also be impaled for this act. By their own doing, they have fallen into a trap that does not allow them to escape. Every day this regime grows weaker and closer to destruction ยป, Ali Khamenei, decided on Wednesday April 3.

Increasing fear in the area

His speech was greeted with shouts of “”. Death to America and death to Israel “. We still don't know whether Tehran will intervene directly against Israel or mobilize its allies in the region, especially Lebanon's Hezbollah, Shiite militias in Iraq or the Houthis in Yemen, who have stepped up their operations against Israel.

Some conservatives say Tehran could strike targets in Israel in response to the attack on its embassy.

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