Is any Mario game really “underrated”? – 10 Super Mario games that should be reviewed

When the word “underrated” is used to refer to entries in a venerated series like, say, Super Mario or Zelda, it doesn't mean never completely It feels right. Sure, there may have been some weird early entries that people missed – games that were made when the template and direction of the series were still in flux – but it's hard to argue that these represent the most analytical, most considered, and caring games. reconsidering Video games ever.

Whether they're popular genre-definers or one of the lesser entries in the Mushroom Kingdom canon, surely every Mario game is categorized just right, right? Sunshine is known to not be as polished as other major 3D Marios, but it has some nice set pieces as well. Some people will call it their favorite game, and that's fine, but overall, it ranks number 13 (at the time of writing) on ​​the list of best Mario games of all time for a reason.

It's pretentious, but we thought this was a good time to reflect on Mario games that we feel have a bad reputation. Perhaps this is because they are not exactly the ones to change the paradigms to which they are attached. Maybe they were released at a bad time, on a dying system. Maybe they deviated too far from their esteemed predecessor and it just didn't click at the time.

Whatever the reason, this March 10 we're taking a look at 10 Mario games that, if not underrated, are worth a second look if you've ignored them in the past. We've opened the door to any game with Mario in the title (and starring role), not just the huge main game.

So, let's get into our list of the top 10 “underrated” Mario games…

These are our ten picks. Think we're missing something? Has Mario Picros been adequately rated? He is Mario Hotel Underranked in popular estimates? I think Super Mario 64 DS deserves more love (it was almost on this list, in fact – it played on the 3DS, of course). Let us know in the poll and comments below.

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