Israel says it has arrested the sister of a Hamas leader in the country's south

Israeli police announced Monday, April 1, that they had arrested the sister of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in southern Israel as part of a “terrorism” investigation. Sabah Abdel Salam Honey “Suspected of having links with and identification with Hamas operatives, while inciting and supporting acts of terrorism in Israel.”, according to Jewish state officials. Follow our live stream.

Israeli army withdraws from al-Sifa hospital. This withdrawal, observed by witnesses and reported by Hamas, was officially announced by Israel, which confirmed it “complete” Operations began two weeks ago against the largest health facility in the Gaza Strip. Hamas announced the discovery “Dozens of Bodies” and reported as property damage “very important”. According to the Gaza government's communications service, which is run by Hamas, 400 people were killed around the hospital compound. An unverifiable estimate from an independent source.

According to Hamas, nearly 33,000 people died in the Gaza Strip in six months. The Palestinian Movement's health ministry announced on Monday that 32,845 people have been killed since the war between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Movement began on October 7. In 24 hours, 63 additional deaths were reported and 75,392 wounded in the nearly six-month war, according to a ministry press release.

A new deadly strike on the hospital. The director of the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Sunday that four people were killed and 17 wounded in an Israeli attack on a camp inside the Al-Aqsa hospital complex. The Israeli army said it carried out a targeted attack “Command Center for Islamic Jihad and Terrorists Positioned in Courtyard” From this company in the central Gaza Strip. A WHO team was on site during the incident.

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Hamas's “apology” to the Gazans. Hamas presented it for the first time “His excuses” In a lengthy statement posted on his Telegram channel on Sunday evening, Gazans for their suffering caused by the conflict. The Islamist movement, however, reiterated its desire to continue this war, and, according to it, achieve it. “Victory and Freedom” Palestinians. He addressed “A Message of Thanks to the People” The Gaza Strip, he acknowledges “tired”.

Six hundred Israeli soldiers have died since October 7. “Natav Cohen, 20 years old, from Haifa (…) killed in battle south of Gaza Strip”A spokesman for the Israeli army announced on its official website that the number of Israeli soldiers killed in Israel and the Palestinian territories since the start of the war has reached 600.

The hernia was “successfully” operated on Benjamin Netanyahu He will be released from the hospital on Tuesday afternoon. According to a statement from his office, the Israeli prime minister “In shape and starting to recover” His intervention was on Sunday evening.

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