Israel summons French ambassador after UN referendum on Palestinian membership

Israel summoned ambassadors from countries including France that voted in favor of a “Palestinian state” at the UN.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry announced on Saturday April 20 that it would summon on Sunday the ambassadors of the Security Council countries that voted in favor of full Palestinian membership in the United Nations.

“Ambassadors from France, Japan, South Korea, Malta, Slovak Republic and Ecuador will be summoned tomorrow” and “a strong protest will be made to them,” a ministry spokesperson noted on his X account.

Embassies of countries that voted for the rejected Algerian plan to improve the status of the Palestinians, who since 2012 have had the reduced status of “non-member observer state”, will also be protested.

“The Gift of Terror”

According to the ministry, the message sent to ambassadors read: “A political gesture to the Palestinians and a call to recognize a Palestinian state – six months after the October 7 massacre – is a bonus to terrorism.”

“Israel will not accept the establishment of a terrorist state that endangers its citizens,” he added.

The Palestinians asked the Security Council to accept that a “Palestinian state” already recognized by a majority of capitals would take its “legitimate” place within the United Nations.

But during Thursday's vote, the United States, which has done everything to delay the vote, did not hesitate to use its veto power, which it continues to use to protect its Israeli ally.

Highly educated people

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