Its president insists that dismantling UNRWA would sacrifice “a whole generation of children”.

UN for Palestinian refugees requested by Israel Removal of the agency (UNRWA) will lead to sacrifice.“A Whole Generation of Children” And “Sow the Seeds” Future conflicts warned his boss before the United Nations General Assembly on Monday 4 March. Philip Lazzarini's statement comes as sixteen donor countries, including the United States, suspended their funding to the agency after Hamas attacks on Palestinian soil. Reason: UNRWA is accused of employing those involved in the October 7 attack. Follow our live stream.

The UN said there were “good reasons to believe” that rape had taken place during the Hamas attack. Pramila Patton, the UN Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict, visited Israel and the West Bank in early February with experts. Based on the information collected “There is strong reason to believe from multiple independent sources that conflict-related sexual violence took place during the October 7 offensive in several locations on the outskirts of Gaza, including at least three rapes and rapes.”Including the Noah festival site, the report wrote.

Israel accuses the UN of inaction on Hamas, a charge the UN chief denies. Israel on Monday recalled its ambassador to the United Nations for consultations, accusing the organization of inaction on Hamas before releasing a report on sexual violence by the Palestinian Islamist movement on October 7. The UN Secretary General denied the allegation and confirmed the report “Thoroughly and Diligently Done”.

UNRWA accuses Israel of “torture” against detained staff. “Some of our staff told UNRWA teams that they were forced to testify under torture and ill-treatment.” When they are “Relations between UNRWA and Hamas questioned and links to October 7 attack on Israel”The UN has announced.

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Israel accuses UNRWA of employing more than 450 terrorists in Gaza. The Israeli military also released what it said was a recording “A terrorist working as an Arabic teacher at a UNRWA school” WHO He describes his entry into Israeli territory and says he is holding Israeli women hostage“At the time of the attack on October 7. AFP was unable to independently verify these allegations.

US Vice President Calls for “Immediate Armistice”. “By measure of suffering”This ceasefire must last “At least for the next six weeks”Kamala Harris said. “This is what is currently on the negotiating table.”, she added. He offered the harshest criticism of Israel from a senior US official since the start of the war. “The Israeli government must do more to significantly increase aid flows. There are no excuses.”The Vice President of the United States assessed.

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