Jennifer Lopez has another alter ego named Lola Lopez and she’s ‘hilarious’

Jennifer Lopez has an alter ego.

Her name is Lola Lopez and she’s known for being “fun and carefree,” the star revealed Tuesday when introducing her new brand, Delola.

The 53-year-old actress and singer also said that she wants Lola to go out more and have fun.

“I realized the importance of enjoying life,” Ben Affleck’s wife said in a video shared on Instagram.

The Shotgun Wedding actress also said that she hopes to spend more time with “family and friends” in the future after “grinding” work for decades.

And one of the best places to do it is on the Italian coast where you feel at peace with the friendly locals. This is where her new ad was filmed as she sipped her cocktail with friends around her.

It can be cool! Jennifer Lopez wants to slow down. During a video to announce her new brand Delola, the 53-year-old actress and singer shared that she wanted to have a little more fun. Ben Affleck’s wife said, “I realized the importance of enjoying life.”
Is this Lola Lopez? Lopez also revealed that Delola is given by her nickname Lola, which is what she becomes when she wants to be “carefree and playful”. It was seen in a guess ad

She also shared that there is a more relaxed side to her.

“I love to entertain and relax with friends,” Lopez stated on Tuesday.

Then she delivered her drink “ but couldn’t find the right one for me.

I was looking for something I could enjoy and fit into the thoughtful way I live my life. When I couldn’t find it, I decided to create Delola.

Lopez added that her goals were “better ingredients, better taste, and fewer calories than traditional cocktails,” in just one simple pour.

Something easy, fun, fresh and delicious. “I knew if I was looking, so were the others,” said the 2020 Super Bowl halftime player.

Added a Los Angeles resident, “Delola gives people the freedom to have fun — free from chopping, squeezing and mixing, free from the stress of entertainment, and making ordinary moments extraordinary.”

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This could also be Lola: He was seen here partying at the Grammy Awards with Ben in February

The Delola bottle is embossed with the “Delola Crest” logo inspired by the crest of the Bronx, Jennifer’s hometown, and with black and ivy vines around the labels channeled by Jennifer Art.

The news of her new company was released on Tuesday.

In an Instagram post shared on her JLo page, she’s seen enjoying liquor on the rocks in a wine glass as she talks about the low-calorie drinks.

‘The secret is out!!! I’m proud to share with you @DELOLA…my new, unique mix-level collection is ready to be enjoyed with splashes. More from #OnTheJLo. Let’s live #DelolaLife together ✨ @gregswalesart, star – who Last week she was seen at the premiere live with her husband – he wrote in her caption.

The pin-up designs a white knotted shirt and yellow and white button-up skirt with gold hoop earrings.

The Bronx native appears to be on the coast of Italy at an outdoor bar with friends. the

Opis is also seen in a bright yellow shirt with long silver earrings that have bows on them as she caresses her brand new outfit.

In a press release released on Tuesday, it was announced that Lopez has created The House Of Delola LLC.

It is a company she founded “to launch unique cocktails and ready to enjoy level blends designed for effortlessly elegant entertaining as part of a thoughtful lifestyle.”

Compliments for her: She’s also all smiles as she models a white knotted top and yellow and white button-down skirt while flashing a hint of her toned belly
GOLDEN GIRL: The On The Six singer added gold hoop earrings and a gold bracelet

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Party Girl: Lopez stated, “I love to entertain, relax, and unwind with friends, but I just haven’t found a drink that works for me. I was looking for something I could enjoy that would fit in the thoughtful way I live my life. When I couldn’t find it, I decided to create Delola”

“Each bottle is packaged in a beautiful bottle and ready to serve,” said the Marry Me actress. “Just pour in ice and enjoy,” she suggested.

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Lopez then told fans she’s been on her mind for years: “I started this journey two years ago and I’m so excited to finally share DeLola with the world,” said the former Fly Girl.

Jennifer began developing Delola in 2020 with beverage industry veterans Ken Austin and Gina Fagnan and her manager and business partner Benny Medina.

It was added that Delola makes “premium spirit-based cocktails that are full-flavored, made with all-natural plant-based ingredients, gluten-free and lower in calories than traditional cocktails.”

Fresh Brew: “My goals were better ingredients, better taste, fewer calories than traditional cocktails, and one simple pour.” Something easy, fun, fresh and delicious. ‘I knew if I was looking, the others were, too,’ said the Hustlers star.

Jennifer brought in mixologist Lynette Marrero to collaborate on these cocktails.

The first release, DELOLA SPRITZ is available in three original cocktails: BELLA BERRY SPRITZ made with berries, hibiscus and premium vodka; A full bodied cocktail with notes of red berries, hibiscus and citrus.

Then there’s the PALOMA ROSA SPRITZ, made with grapefruit, elderflower, and premium tequila; Paloma is elevated with notes of ripe, juicy grapefruit, rich elderflower, and a dash of salt, the press release reads.

and L’ORANGE SPRITZ is made with luxurious orange, passionfruit, and amaro; An ode to Italian aromas with delicious and bright fruity notes perfectly balanced with the bitterness of amaro.

Delola will be on sale in upscale grocery stores, restaurants, and bars starting in April with continued rollouts throughout the spring.

Jenny Tuck: ‘Each one is packaged in a beautiful glass bottle and ready to serve. Just pour over ice and enjoy. I started this journey two years ago and I am so excited to finally share Delola with the world,” said the award winner
Cute trio: Her caption wrote, “Secret out!!! I’m proud to share with you @DELOLA my new unique mix-level collection ready to be enjoyed with drizzle.” She added, “More is #OnTheJLo. Let’s live #DelolaLife together”

The company will launch in the United States and expand globally in the coming years.

Beam Suntory, a leading global spirits company, is a minority investor in Delola and has been selected as Delola’s global distribution partner.

One of Lopez’s favorite places to relax is the Italian coast, where she’s spotted Sprinkles, and it’s been shared, too.

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“Jennifer has been inspired to develop her own refreshing and delicious drinks – delicious, spirit-based cocktails devoid of artificial colors and without all the sugars traditional drinks can contain, made with natural botanicals and as much alcohol as a glass of wine,” the statement said.

Coastal sensation: Looks like she’s on the coast of Italy drinking a spritz on the rocks while out at an outdoor bar with friends

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