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star a trip Creator Gene Roddenberry told John D. Lance during production The next one generation The pilot of “Meet at Farpoint” said the actor had no idea what he was getting into by joining the franchise. Thirty-five years later, de Lancy cannot help but laugh at the accuracy of the statement.

star the trip: Piccard Kick off again Thursday with the first episode of season two, “The Star Gazer,” arriving in Paramount+. Fans were treated to some familiar faces from TNGincluding Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan and de Lancy as the iconic role of the troubled and powerful existence, Q.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Before the premiere, De Lance admitted that he was as shocked as anyone else when the request came for him to repeat Q, one of star a tripThe most popular opponents.

“it did [the TNG series finale] “All Good Things”, and then they went to do some movies. No one asked, no one called,” de Lance begins. “It’s not like I was expecting or waiting for it. Like I’ve said in the past, I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about whether I’ll be invited to someone’s dinner party, so I got it out of my mind. Then one day, my agent called and said, ‘They’d like to host you Piccard And I want you to go to Paramount to chat. “

The actor’s mind began to spin with what he called “infinite possibilities,” knowing better than anyone that a story involving Q contained no barriers. So, de Lance took the meeting and soon afterwards found himself on the other side Piccard The Terry Matalas Show. Their conversation began with a single query from the actor, who is dressed as Qin TNG It was kind of brutal.

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“I said, I only have an initial question: You’re not putting me in tights again, are you?” DeLancy says. And Terry said, ‘Oh, no, no, no. “Okay, I said, we can go on.” Of course, the actor had several other questions about how to approach his character and was impressed with everything he heard.

‘I asked how they would deal with age and that kind of thing. We’ll do . said Terry [make it happen] And most importantly, we want you as you are now.” “He explained to me how the story would go, and I said, ‘That sounds great.”

The first day of production was electrified for De Lancy. He and the star Patrick Stewart Paths have crossed many times since TNG The epilogue which aired in May 1994. But now they are back in front of the cameras; Once again, iconic sci-fi characters play a game of mental chess with the fate of the galaxy in the balance

Simply put, de Lancy says, “It was fun” before the expansion. “We shot outside at the winery. They rotated the cameras, then cut. Without my knowledge, Terry came from the studio to see that first shot. Then he raised his hands and said, ‘Magic!'”

As much as fans should expect on the way back to Q Piccard, de Lancie shares no spoilers as he pulls the curtain back with a twist in order to manage expectations. “when I was TNGIt was Q episodes. Here, I’m more motivated,” the actor explains. “I do six out of 10 episodes. I had to reset it because I thought it would be as before, wall-to-wall words just with me and Patrick. And when I got there, I realized that couldn’t be the case. I tried to get an overview and not just a selfish look at it. And I said: It makes sense. I roll the ball. “

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All that said, De Lancie can’t wait for fans to experience the second season of PiccardWith Note star a trip Fans like the stories of the franchise: unique.

“These are the people who have seen the show, and they are coming back and wanting to talk about it. De Lance said of fans’ investment in material and characters, so I understood the show from their point of view very well.” star a trip Storytelling is important. In the end, it has to be about something meaningful, deep and socially relevant. This is the core star a trip. And as long as we always have that, we’ll always have our audience.”

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