John Stamos ‘hated’ ‘Full House’ and wanted out when he saw reactions to Jodie Sweetin and the realizing sitcom it wasn’t like ‘Bosom Guys’

John Stamos is best known for his portrayal of Uncle Jesse on the ABC sitcom Full house. Although Stamos loves the recognition he gets from the show, it wasn’t always that way.

The actor recently opened up about how he initially “hated” the comedy after realizing the show was more family-oriented rather than as bosom buddies As it was originally installed.

Full house It was… I hated that show,” Stamos said during an appearance on hot. “Obviously, I ended up loving him, but he was kind of set on me bosom buddies …with two kids in the background. And while we were choosing, I was like, “They spend a lot of time choosing these kids that are going to be in the background.”

And he continued, “We prepared a table that we read about, and the star was coming out of it Public Hospital … And we sit down and we start reading and Jodie Sweetin, who plays Stephanie, starts reading her lines and people just die laughing — I mean screaming. And I said, “What’s going on here?” They couldn’t even hear the lines of what they were laughing so hard.”

He ran into the lobby of the Century Plaza Hotel, Stamos said, and called his clients to tell them to “get me off this show.” Then came Bob Saget as agents advised him to try out for the show.

“I fought that for a long time,” Stamos added. Then finally I said, ‘What do I do? “It’s a beautiful show that we built with sweetness and kindness. There was no central character in this show that I realized. The central character was love and we were the best representation of a loving family, not an ordinary family. And that was the new normal, now an unconventional family.”

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bosom buddies It was a sitcom from 1980 that starred Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari who pretended to be women in order to be able to afford an apartment. Co-creators Thomas L. Miller and Robert L. Boyett continued to produce Full house in 1987 based on an idea by Jeff Franklin, who also wrote for bosom buddies.

Full house It ran for eight seasons on ABC. Follow-up subheading Fuller House It was picked up by Netflix in 2016 and has run for five seasons.

Watch Stamos’ full appearance here hot In the video posted below.

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