Joshua Primo allegedly exposed himself to women

San Antonio Spurs goalkeeper released Joshua Primo The 12th pick in the 2021 NBA Draft stems from several alleged cases of exposing himself to women, sources told ESPN Saturday.

The decision to release Primo on Friday night was surprising and shocking, and spoke of the gravity of the issues surrounding the promising 19-year-old.

The team recently opted for a $4.3 million 2023-24 option in the Primo contract, which indicates a level of confidence in its future with the franchise.

Sources said many NBA teams remain fascinated by Primo’s talent and potential, but are looking for a more complete understanding of the situation as they consider the possibility of filing a takeover claim for Primo before he clears concessions and becomes a free agent on Monday afternoon.

To claim Primo, the team will need the available ceiling space or excluding a rolling player large enough to absorb his $4.1 million salary this year. You will also owe him $4.3 million in his 2023-2024 contract.

In a statement to ESPN Friday night, Primo acknowledged the need to continue “full mental health treatment.”

“I know you were all surprised by today’s announcement,” Primo said in the statement. “I have been seeking help to deal with my past trauma and will now use this time to fully focus on my mental health treatment. I hope to be able to discuss these issues in the future so that I can help others who have experienced similarly. I appreciate the privacy at this time.” “

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Primo averaged 5.9 points in 54 professional games for Spurs, including 16 starts as a rookie.

He played in Spurs’ first four matches this season, averaging 7.0 points from the bench. Primo did not play in Wednesday’s road loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves and was included in Friday’s home game against the Chicago Bulls before being waived about an hour before the warning.

“We hope this decision will serve the long-term interest of both the organization and Joshua,” said RC Buford, Spears’ CEO in a statement.

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