Journalist Marina Ovsyannikova fined 800 euros for defaming the Russian Armed Forces.

5:16 pm: Ground situation in South

Three villages have been recaptured from the Russians in the past two weeks in the occupied Kherson region in the south of the country, where Ukrainian forces are launching a counteroffensive. The governor of Mykolaiv region in the south of the country reported a “massive” missile attack that destroyed a school and injured at least one person.

Russian occupation forces announced on Thursday the arrest of twenty “companions” of the Ukrainian army in the occupied territories of Kherson and Zaporijjia.

The announcement came a day after Ukrainian attacks that partially destroyed a critical bridge in Kherson, strategic and vital for supplying Russian forces and the city.

“The Russian 49th Army is stationed on the west bank of the Dnieper River and appears very vulnerable. As for the city of Kherson, the most important urban center occupied by the Russians, it is now virtually cut off from the rest of the occupied territories” and “its loss would significantly weaken Russian efforts to describe its occupation as successful,” the British opined. . Ministry of Defence.

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