Justin Fields: The Bears aren’t ready to play now, we’ll be when the time comes

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The Bears installed a new offense after appointing Matt Eberfels as their head coach and Luke Jetsie as offensive coordinator earlier this year, and the transfer remains a work in progress towards the end of the season.

Rhythm and timing are important to the plot and those things are still evolving, which is why training on Tuesday showed the defense was ahead of the attack in Chicago. quarterback Justin Fields He said they “throw us out a lot” and that there are predictable mistakes that follow, but he’s focusing on “not making the same mistake twice” at this point in the calendar.

As they head into week one, that focus will shift fully to attacking mode because Fields knows the team isn’t ready to work in the game at this point.

“Ah, no,” said Fields, via Patrick Finley from Chicago Sun Times. “I Not ready for the season to start. I’m the type who likes to know I’m ready. So, now, I’m just being honest. We are not ready to play a game now. And when that time comes, we’ll be ready. So, now, no – I’m not ready to play a game.”

The Bears’ unofficial moves have drawn criticism for not doing enough to surround Fields with the talent needed to thrive this season, but the final word on that will come once the team actually hits the field. If bootcamp put them in a more comfortable spot in the system, the chances of exceeding low expectations would look much better.

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