Kangana Ranaut invites the release of Jangpai Kathyawadi to the cinemas: ‘I didn’t expect the movie mafia to rise to the occasion’

Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut took to Instagram Stories on Saturday to congratulate his team Jangpai Kathyawadi She wrote that she never expected a “mafia move to rise to the occasion” and help theaters on “the ventilator here.”

Kangana’s post read, “Glad to hear the revival of theaters in the southern film industry with record-breaking sets…! Hear some small steps being taken in the Indian belt as well…with a modern female-centric film that has a big hero and superstar director.. They may be small steps but they are not trivial and would be necessary for the ventilator theaters here..wonderful!!I never expected the movie mafia to rise to the occasion and do something so good…if they did, we would be absolutely grateful… We hope for the best.”

Kangana Ranaut shared this message on Instagram

Kangana’s mention of southern films refers to recent releases – Tamil Valimai film starring Ajith and Telugu film Bheemla Nayak starring Pawan KalyanWhich opened strongly in the southern states. Jangpai Kathyawadi championship Alia Bhatt Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and exclusively shown in theaters.

Kangana had previously said that the movie Bhansali biggest flaw It was Bhatt’s choice. She shared on Instagram, “This Friday, 200 kronor will be burnt at the box office… for dad (mafia dad movie) Ki Bari (who likes to keep a British passport) because daddy wants to prove that romcom bimbo can act… the biggest flaw in the movie It’s the misrepresentation… No wonder the screens go to Southern movies and Hollywood… Bollywood is destined to take down the movie mafia with the power.”

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She added, “Bollywood Mafia Baba Baba who single-handedly destroyed the work culture in the film industry, emotionally manipulated many top directors and imposed his mediocre productions on their cinematic brilliance, another example that will follow shortly after this release. People need to stop entertaining him.” In this Friday edition, even the great hero and the greatest director are the new victims of his manipulations.”

You will soon see Kangana hosting the reality web series Lock Upp.

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