Kate Middleton's senior staff have not 'seen or spoken' to her: report

The palace is keeping the king's post-operative recovery period “in strict silence.”

Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, has remained out of the public eye since December, leaving social media users speculating about the British princess. According to Kensington Palace, the 42-year-old prince is recovering at home after “planned abdominal surgery” in January, but some users believe the royal is in an “induced coma.” Amid this speculation, senior royal family staff are not aware of the post-recovery process. Some employees stated that she was nowhere to be found.

A source said: 'A few of Kate's senior staff haven't been able to see or speak to her, and didn't even know about the surgery until it was announced, so they were taken by surprise.' Us Weekly.

According to the New York PostSome of them had no idea about the surgery until Kensington Palace announced it. They continued: “Only a few people know what is really going on, and they remain silent. It is confusing and causes some anxiety.”

A “veil of secrecy” surrounds Mrs Middleton, the report continued, adding that the only guests were King Charles III, who has cancer, and his wife, Queen Camilla. She added that the palace is keeping the king's recovery period after the operation “in strict silence.”

“Kate said she feels she has the right to heal and recover without all this feverish speculation. Neither Kate nor William believes her medical records should be for public consumption. She tries not to pay attention to all the rumors and gossip, and William does what he wants.” They added: “It is better to protect her, but it is sad.”

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Meanwhile, the controversy began after the Princess of Wales shared a family photo of herself with her children on Mother's Day. News agencies withdrew the photo after it was found that it had been “manipulated.” The princess later apologized, saying: “Like many amateur photographers, I sometimes experiment with editing.” The 42-year-old was said to be “very sad” that a happy family photo had caused such a stir.

However, the incident gave rise to a new wave of conspiracy theories about the British royal family, dubbed “Katespiracy” online. Many people were also curious about whether members of the British royal family had doctored the photos, and media outlets such as CNN announced that they would look into all published photos previously provided by Kensington Palace.

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