Keke Palmer announces her pregnancy in ‘SNL’ monologue

Saturday Night LiveReturned after the holiday break with the host Keke Palmer A big announcement is made: she’s going to have a baby!

“People were in my comments saying, ‘Kiki has a baby,’ ‘Kiki is pregnant, and I want to set the record straight,'” Palmer said in her opening monologue. “I!”

Palmer broke the huge news by revealing her baby bump during her hysterically animated monologue in which she talked about her big year starring in No and her Oscar nomination — which she joked never actually happened.

“I was trying so hard to keep it down because I’ve got so much stuff,” she said. “You know, people kept coming to me, ‘Congratulations,’ and I’m like, ‘Shh, can you stop? I’ve got liquor sponsorship on the line.”

Joking aside, Palmer couldn’t contain her excitement.

“But honestly, that’s the biggest blessing,” she said, “and I’m so excited.” “Guys, I’m going to be a mother.”

She concluded on a reflective note.

She said, “When I first got into comedy, dreaming of getting on stage, I asked myself, ‘Kiki, who are you going to be?'” “Will you be like Maya Rudolph?” Eddie Murphy? Kristen Wiig type? And now I can tell you exactly who I am: Baby, I’m Keke Palmer. “

Also in the monologue, Palmer flashes back her time starring in “Akeelah and the Bee” in 2006.

“It was a great experience. I had a lot of fun, except when I was yelled at by Laurence Fishburne,” she said.

Palmer was a cameo in an opening sketch spoofing a network soap opera, being thrown into wrestling positions and thrown into furniture by Cecily Strong. It is revealed that doubles were used at the end of the sketch. She also poked fun at Drake in a sketch focusing on women – “United Things of the Opry” – who the singer previously dated. She later impersonated her pregnancy in an ultrasound diagram with her babies being transported from the womb by a door dash driver. She also appeared in a sketch exploring the origins of “Hello, Kitty” (with a surprise appearance from “Russian Doll” star Natasha Lyonne) and showcased her riffs in a video with SZA extolling the virtues of “Big Boys” and rocking “O, Holy Night” in a chorus sketch.

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Palmer, 29, is expecting boyfriend Darius Dolton, brother of “Insecure” star Sarunas Jackson.

The show opened with a sketch targeting Herschel Walker and the runoff election.

“My ex-wife says all I do is run away,” Kenan Thompson quipped as Walker.

When asked about any scandals in the past, the clock runs for an hour with more of Walker’s missteps.

“I feel very confident with this erection,” he said.

“Saturday Night Live” stars Kenan Thompson, Cecily Strong, Mickey Day, Heidi Gardner, Ego Nodem, Bowen Yang, Chloe Fineman, Bunkie Johnson, Andrew Desmoux, Michael Che and Colin Jost as hosts of Weekend Update. The cast also includes James Austin Johnson, Sarah Sherman, Marcelo Hernandez, Molly Kearney, Michael Longfellow, and Devon Walker as featured players. Kent Sublett, Alison Gates, and Streeter Seidel served as head writers on the show, while Liz Patrick directed.

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