Kelsea Ballerini’s CMT Drag Queen performance receives only two complaints from the FCC


Kelsey Ballerini

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He directs only two complaints from the FCC

Kelsey BalleriniThe CMT Music Awards performance with drag queens owning social media, and some country music fans, was in my arms — but, it turns out, it was barely a blip on the FCC’s radar.

You’ll recall, the country singer had 4 “RuPaul’s Drag Race” queens share the stage with her at this year’s awards show — and she was having a lot of backlash online for including them in her number.

However, TMZ got the complaints filed with the FCC regarding Kelsey’s moment…and there were only two. For comparison, the FCC 103 complaints received on RihannaSuper Bowl halftime show.

One of them came from Texas, complaining about “drag queens on a family show.” The other came from Alaska, saying that children should not be subjected to haul, adding… “We can no longer watch this station. We have children in our house who have no work being exposed to this shit.”

As we reported, sources told us Kelsey She stood by her performance Despite all the shells you caught. The appearances were all planned, we’re told, and it was Kelsea’s idea to call back up the clouds.

She’s also gotten quite a bit of praise online from the other side of the argument as well… so we’re assuming those two complaints won’t affect her either.

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