Kyiv accuses Russian military of trying to “destroy” soldiers rooted in the Azovstal factory

The Ukrainian military says fighting continues at the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol (south-eastern Ukraine).
“Russian occupiers are busy trying to block and destroy Ukrainian units in the Azovstal region.”, The Ukrainian military said in a statement this morning. According to her, there are troops in Moscow “Attack resumes with aircraft support to take control of factory”.

Moscow announced last night that its forces would cease firing for three consecutive days, starting this morning, to allow the evacuation of about two hundred civilians still in Azovstal.

Lt. Col. Denis Prokopenko, commanding the troops of the Azov Regiment, rooted in Steelwork, for his part, a Video released last nightRussian forces were able to enter the steel plant “Fighting Violence and Bloodshed” Were going on. “For two days, the enemy was able to enter the factory premises. He announced. I am proud to remember my soldiers making inhumane efforts to counter enemy attacks. I thank the whole world for the tremendous support given to Mariupol Garrison. Our players deserve it. ”He adds.

Azovstal, a large steel complex intersected by underground networks, is the last pocket of resistance by Ukrainian militants against the Russian army, which has been besieging this strategic port since early March. The surrender of its defenders or the capture by the Russian armed forces would be a major victory for Moscow.

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