kyiv calls for “capture” in the Donbass, proposing a humanitarian corridor in Moscow Siverodonetsk
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The live broadcast was hosted by Alexandre Priam

COVER: A district in the municipality of Privillia was completely destroyed by Russian bombings in the Donbass area. The city of 7,000 people is located a few kilometers away from Zhivrodonetsk and Lysitshansk, the site of numerous conflicts. June 14, 2022. ARIS MESSINIS / AFP

  • Azot, Azovstal: The same rule? With half a thousand people entrenched in the Chevroletonetsk chemical plant, the Russian Defense Ministry has called on the Ukrainians to raise the white flag, and they must accept the plan and stop it. “Absurd protest”. “The humanitarian route will be opened (…) June 15 Should be allowed from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. “Safe evacuation of all civilians without exception”.
  • Three bridges connecting the two cities of Lysyansk and Siverodonetsk have been destroyedBut the latter is not the case “Isolated” And Ukrainian troops were not deterred, confirmed on Tuesday, June 14, by the mayor of Sverdlovsk, Oleksandr Stroke. “Enemy artillery destroys tall buildings and industrial facilities”Luhansk Regional Governor, Serhi Haïdaï, added on Telegraph. The ongoing conflicts in the east of the country present a number “Creepy”Volodymyr Zhelensky, Monday evening, his Video Daily.
  • kyiv recovered the bodies of Azovstal fighters during an exchange with Moscow. Ukraine said on Tuesday it had received the bodies of 64 soldiers who had died while guarding the Azovstal steel plant, the last part of the protests in Mariupol, as part of an exchange with the remains of Russian soldiers with Moscow.
  • Russia “may have made small improvements in the Kharkiv sector for the first time in several weeks”Estimated, Tuesday morning, the British Ministry of Defense its Daily sewing.
  • Shell attacks took place in many parts of MykolayivNo casualties were reported Tuesday TelegraphOleksandr Senkevich, mayor of the city.
  • Kyiv claims to have lost a quarter of its fertile land to Russian occupation. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture, production will be sufficient for domestic consumption. However, it is not possible to export the produced grains to foreign countries “Hurricane of famine” In the coming months, according to the United Nations (UN).
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