Kyiv suspects the Red Cross of being Russia’s “accomplice” in the plight of refugees

A manager Ukrainian Charged Wednesday International Committee of the Red Cross The ICRC vehemently denied allegations that his country did not cooperate with the fate of Ukrainian refugees in Russia and suspected him of being an “accomplice” to “deportation”.

Serious allegations

“The ICRC did not carry out its mandate”, about the people who were forcibly expelled to Russia by the Russian military, launched on Ukrainian television Lyudmila Denisova, who is in charge of human rights in the Ukrainian parliament. After talking with an official of the Ukrainian branch of the ICRC on Wednesday, he continued that Russia “I suspect they are allies.”

“I have been trying to see the ICRC president for a month to discuss the deportation of our citizens Russia. I am trying to do this following the statement of the ICRC President that he will open the ICRC representation in Rostov-on-Don and encourage the reception of Ukrainians in the territory of the occupied territories, ”said Ms. Denisova.

Statistics for evidence

He quoted figuresUNThere are 550,000 Ukrainian refugees in Russia, including 121,000 children. “Where are they? In the filtration camps? In the makeshift houses? We have testimonies of those who were brought to Russia,” he said.

Denisova said he had asked his Russian envoy, Tatiana Moskalkova, to provide him with a list of Ukrainian refugees in Russia, in order to work with the Red Cross to repatriate Ukrainian refugees in Russia.

The ICRC denies the allegations

The ICRC “firmly denies these allegations”, reiterated that it “did not carry out forced evictions” and recalled that “the organization helped civilians and other Ukrainians to voluntarily and safely to other injured cities”.

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The organization confirmed that it was “exploring the possibility of opening an office in Rostov-on-Don” to “reduce the suffering of victims of armed conflict.” The ICRC stressed that “it is essential that our teams reach out to all victims and obtain the necessary security assurances to provide vital assistance and to develop and maintain dialogue with those involved in the conflict.”

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