Last chance for Nikki Haley against Republican favorite Donald Trump

Joe Biden wins the Iowa Democratic primary

This is the first result of the night: President Joe Biden easily won the Democratic primary in Iowa, several US media outlets, including CBS News, reported.

Despite rumors, Michelle Obama vows not to run for president

The former first lady has confirmed she “won't run” for president, while some Democratic voters are looking for a replacement for Joe Biden, who is considered too old.

“Mrs. Obama is supporting the re-election campaigns of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris,” said her communications director Crystal Carson. NBC News.

These states and territories vote on this “Super Tuesday”.

17 states or territories are voting this “Super Tuesday,” with Democratic primaries or Republican primaries or both: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, American, Oklahoma, Samoa, Tennessee, Texas , Utah, Vermont and Virginia.

Superstar Taylor Swift is calling on Americans to vote

American singer Taylor Swift invited her fans to vote on the big day of primaries in 15 US states.

A story by singer Taylor Swift on her Instagram account on March 5, 2024. © Instagram screenshot

“I wanted to remind you to vote for the people who represent you best. If not, plan to vote today,” the singer wrote. Instagram.

What opposes Donald Trump and Joe Biden on an economic level?

As registered Americans in 15 states vote today, the final showdown is already taking shape with Donald Trump and Joe Biden, two candidates with very distinct economic plans.

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The Paris Agreement, protectionism, taxation… the subjects Joe Biden and Donald Trump oppose are legion.

“Super Tuesday” is the last chance for Donald Trump's Republican rival, Nikki Haley

After winning his first primary in Washington, he risks throwing in the towel after today's election. Nikki Haley, the last Republican candidate to challenge Donald Trump for the nomination, is leading the former president in other primaries.

The former ambassador to the UN even lost in the state where he was governor, with more than a third of the party's delegates at stake this election day.

Today is “Super Tuesday” in America

Good evening everyone and welcome to this live broadcast dedicated to “Super Tuesday” in America.

Today is the day of Democratic and Republican primaries in no less than 15 states. An election day is decisive in principle, but this time there is no doubt, as both candidates for the White House appear to have already been chosen by their own camp.

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