Latest news on Ukraine-Russia war: Kiev rocked by explosions and gunfire attacks as Kremlin forces approach

A video clip, verified by the Washington Post, shows at least three small fires and thick smoke in the middle of Peremohi Street in Kiev on Saturday. (cable)

The sounds of gunfire and explosions continued in the early hours of Saturday morning in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital.

A verified video by the Washington Post shows at least three small fires and thick smoke in the middle of Peremohi Street, a two-way, eight-lane road. The video was filmed about 2,000 feet southeast of the Beresteiska metro station and, according to Google Maps, only two and a half miles from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. a outsourcing map Media reports indicate that a military unit is stationed approximately 800 feet from where the fire was seen.

At the beginning of the video, a voice says “everything is burning”. Then there is the interchange of the street can not be broken.

Another video Verified by The Post, filmed about two and a half miles southeast of a metro station, the sound of live shots and flashing lights were captured from explosions coming from the direction of Peremohy Street.

On social media, there was more Reports Heavy shooting and explosions in this area. Later, the Ukrainian army said that it had destroyed combat vehicles in the vicinity. The explosions can be heard on several YouTubers live streams From the city all morning.

In a video message, overnight, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told citizens that Russian forces would begin to storm Kiev that evening. “We all have to know what awaits us, and we have to put up with it. The fate of Ukraine is now decided.”

David L. contributed to this report. Stern from Mukachevo, Ukraine.

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