Linus Tech Tips YouTube Crypto Scmers Hacked, Channel Deleted

Amidst a paralyzed market, the cryptocurrency world has seen a recent uptick in crypto scams as the concept of a decentralized digital currency is still new to many. Unexpectedly, the famous Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel was targeted by crypto scammers and hacked to post fake Bitcoin ads.

According to reports, scammers gained access to the LTT YouTube channel owned by Linus Sebastian’s company Linus Media Group during the early hours of the morning. Scammers ran several live broadcasts centered around Elon Musk and Bitcoin, while making private videos public and deleting a large number of popular videos on the channel.

Suspicious activity urging viewers to send cryptocurrency eventually led to the channel being deleted. Other Linus Media Group channels have also been hit by scammers, including Techquicke and TechLinked. Although Linus Media Group has not officially responded to the hack, a A hilarious tweet was sent on Twitter by Linus Tech Tips Sharing that fans can still watch the videos on ShortCircuit, a Linus Media Group channel that the hackers didn’t catch.

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