Lisa Vanderpump reveals if Tom Schwartz “knew” about Tom, Raquel’s affair


March 8, 2023 | 11:21 p.m

Lisa Vanderpump believes Tom Schwartz knows that his close friend and business partner Tom Sandoval was having an affair with their co-star Raquel Levis.

“I think they’re so close that he knows something, but we’ll find out,” the “Vanderpump Rules” president, 62, said on the highly anticipated episode of “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen” on Wednesday.

Cohen also asked Vanderpump about a popular theory among fans that Schwartz, 40, was aware of Sandoval, 39, and Levis’ relationship — which he has since dubbed “Scandoval” — and covered it up by making his story of Levis kissing sexy for him. Divorce from Katie Maloney.

“I think they’re so close, I mean I wouldn’t be surprised if I said Schwartz and Sandy got together instead of Sandoval and Raquel,” Vanderpump joked as the audience laughed. “I think he’s sitting on the fence with his ass tight…he’s trying to smooth everything out and play both sides.”

Lisa Vanderpump believes Tom Schwartz knew about the affair between Tom Sandoval and Raquel Levis.
“I think he’s sitting on the fence, so he’s screwed up his ass,” Vanderpump told Cohen on Wednesday.
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Former cast member Stacy Schroeder also said that she believed Schwartz and Levi’s make-up sessions were just a “cover-up” for the “whole affair” that was really going on behind Ariana Madix’s back.

Schroeder, 34, said on Wednesday’s episode about it Podcast “Live with Stacy”. He’d be like, ‘This would be a great way to cover up. “It’s a cover. Raquel.” [was] Like, “Yeah.”

Formerly Sandoval He denied that Schwartz knew about the first of two apologies he shared after fans began boycotting their new restaurant, Schwartz & Sandy’s.

Ever since news of the relationship broke last Friday, fans have wondered if Schwartz knew it all along.
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“Schwartz specifically found out about this very recently, and certainly did not condone my actions,” Sandoval claimed in a statement on Saturday.

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Schwartz did not address the issue directly and did not confirm or deny prior knowledge.

Sandoval and Levis sent shock waves in the Bravo verse after Page Six confirmed that Madix, 37, dumped her boyfriend of nearly ten years after watching a sexually explicit video of Levis on Sandoval’s phone last Wednesday night.

Page Six revealed that Levis and Sandoval had been having a full-blown affair for months.
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Sources told us Madix learned several details after watching the video — including that they had been “communicating inappropriately” since “last summer” and that the two “slept over Tom and Ariana’s house when Ariana was out of town.”

For more updates from Page Six of the reality TV show..

“Ariana was traumatized by the cheating,” an insider told us at the time, adding that Madix She “has no idea there are any problems” in her relationship and feels “betrayed” by her ex-girlfriend.

Levis apologized to Madix via Instagram on Wednesday and blamed the affair on her “addiction to the feeling of love.”

Levi’s first discussed the issue in a lengthy statement on Wednesday.
raquelleviss / Instagram
Page Six recently learned that Levis has been shadowing Sandoval for the past few days.

Although Sandoval and Levis shared lengthy statements, neither of them revealed the current status of their relationship. An insider previously told us that the two are “kissed” on camera in upcoming episodes of Scandoval, but their relationship may have taken a hit since the relationship broke up.

“Tom hasn’t been able to track down Raquel for days,” a source told Page Six on Wednesday. “He’s been asking mutual acquaintances if they’ve ever heard of her, but no luck. He can’t contact her.”

“Vanderpump Rules” airs every Wednesday at 9 PM ET on Bravo.

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