Live Ukraine war: kyiv will soon run out of ammunition, according to leaked US documents

No parade in areas near Ukraine

According to several Russian and Ukrainian media, the governors of the Kursk and Belgorod regions, which border Ukraine, have decided to cancel their military parades scheduled for May 9, “so as not to provoke the enemy” by massing soldiers. Equipment in the area.

Burn one’s boats

Oleksandr Syrskyi, the commander of the Ukrainian ground forces, accuses Moscow of carrying out a “scorched earth policy” in the east of the country, particularly in Baghmouth. A tactic, according to him, already used in Syria (especially by Wagner). “It involves the destruction of buildings and positions by artillery and airstrikes,” he explained. Reuters.

Religion at the heart of Russian strategy

According to the Institute for War Studies, Russia could rely on religion to plan its attacks in the coming days. For example, Moscow could use Orthodox Easter (April 16) to call for a ceasefire delaying a Ukrainian counteroffensive.

A proliferation of attacks in Maringa

In its daily update, Britain’s Ministry of Defense assessed that Russia had “mostly intensified armored strikes” around Maringa in the Donetsk region. The city had already been “largely destroyed by artillery,” describes the same source.

American Hospital for the Handicapped

The Protes Foundation, located in Minneapolis (Minnesota), provides prosthetic limbs to Ukrainian veterans who have been amputated in the war. They allow hope to return to an almost normal life. He went to Paris to meet his fighters who had come for treatment in America to be read here.

Will Ukraine run out of ammunition soon?

What is the impact of the leak of US documents?

The US Department of Justice is trying to assess the risks associated with the leak of classified documents related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine to the security of the US and its allies. These documents, circulating on social media – US intelligence assessments and reports – could be valuable to Moscow. Some of these documents may be forged, but US officials admit that most of the competing reports are circulating in US power centers.

Georgia: Thousands rally in Tbilisi against the government and against Moscow

Thousands of opposition supporters rallied outside parliament in Tbilisi on Sunday, amid criticism of the government over alleged pro-Russian authoritarian moves.

At the call of the main opposition United National Movement (UNM), founded by jailed former president Mikheil Saakashvili, the demonstrators waved Georgian, Ukrainian and European Union (EU) flags and marched behind a large banner reading “For a European Future”. .

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