Live – War in Ukraine: Emmanuel Macron meets Vladimir Putin at noon

Mayor Mariupol accuses Russian forces of restricting the advance of survivors from Azovstal to Saporisia

As guest on BFMTV on Tuesday, Mariupol Mayor Vadim Boydchenko accused Russian forces of restricting the advance of the first survivors of the Azovstal factory in Mariupol to Zaporizhia.

He estimated their arrival in Saporisia “within two to four hours”, adding that “everything depends on the Russian armed forces, which control the progress of this column. It is moving very slowly, but it is moving forward.”

Emmanuel Macron will meet with Vladimir Putin at noon

Elysee’s source told BFMTV that Emmanuel Macron would meet with Vladimir Putin at noon.

The French president has not spoken to the Russian president since March 29, before the scandal erupted in Bautista, a suburb of Que.

The call comes at the initiative of the French president, following his exchange with Volodymyr Zelensky this weekend.

Mariupol Meyer says there are still more than 200 civilians at the Azovstall plant

BFMTV’s guest, Mariupol Mayor Vadim Boydchenko, noted on Tuesday that “200 civilians” were on the site of the Azovstal factory, while the first evacuation operations began this weekend.

“More than 200 civilians, including more than 20 children, remain in the factory area. We are united today to save the lives of civilians,” he said.

Mayor Mariupol also returned to the most severe physical conditions these refugees find themselves in.

“Their condition is very bad. They have been in shelters for two months, without food, water or medicine. They are almost extinct. It is very difficult to see them with eyes that have no hope of survival.” He added.

“We were 40, we had 6 cans a day”: Survivors at the Aswestal factory testify

As soon as the evacuation of the Azovstale factory in Mariupol began, the first survivors, often spending more than two months in the factory maze, began to describe the hardships of their lives underground.

Elena, who left her home to take refuge in the factory in the early days of the war, described the difficulties of delivery: “We thought we would be there for a day or two, and finally we were there from the 24th, February. With that we prepared two buckets of soup.

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For Natalia, the fear of living under the constant fire of Russian forces was particularly difficult.

“The projectile range was so strong, it was hard to breathe, I was scared to go out. (…) When I came out I said to my husband: ‘We don’t have to go to the toilet with the lamp anymore. Torch and a seal,’ ‘she said.

But the most notable testimony was that Olga, this grandmother, was crying alone on a bus. “I don’t have a house anymore, I just have leftovers in these bags”.

Russian Foreign Ministry accuses Israel of backing neo-Nazi regime in Qiao

On Tuesday, the Russian Foreign Ministry accused Israel of supporting the “neo-Nazi regime in Kiev”, along with a redirect to a text in Russian entitled “About Anti-Semitism.” The text defends the notion that Jews may have collaborated with the Nazis before the Holocaust.

This release marks a new stage in the diplomatic battle between Russia and the Jewish state. On Sunday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that “Hitler also had Jewish descent” and rejected the claim that Volodymyr Zhelensky could not become a “Nazi” as Moscow claims because he was Jewish.

So far 220 Ukrainian children have been killed since the conflict began

“More than 626 children have been affected in Ukraine since February 24,” Ukrainian officials said Tuesday.

According to data sent by kyiv, 220 children were killed and 460 were injured.

Pope Francis wants to go to Moscow to meet Vladimir Putin

A Interviewed by an Italian newspaper Courier della seraPope Francis has mentioned that they want to go to Moscow to meet Vladimir Putin, which has not yet received a response from the Kremlin leader.

“I am not currently going to kyiv. I have sent Cardinal Michael Cherni and Cardinal Konrad Krozhevsky. But I feel I should not go there. First I have to go to Moscow, first I have to meet Putin,” he said.

He also spoke with Grill, a Moscow patriot who heads the Russian Orthodox Church. “I talked with Grill for forty minutes through the zoom. For the first twenty minutes, (…) he read to me all the justifications for war. [qu’il avait notées sur un carton]. I asked him, ‘I don’t understand any of this. Brethren, we are not state clergy, we cannot use the language of politics, but we cannot use the language of Jesus.

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A Ukrainian soldier rooted under the Azovstel factory warns that “the evacuation will not continue.”

On Monday evening a guest of BFMTV, Deputy Commander of the Azov Brigade and Captain Svyatoslav “Kalina” Palmer, stationed under the Azovstal factory in Mariupol, stated that the evacuation of civilians from the site was prohibited.

“The Azovstal evacuation did not continue. It was not possible because the area was permanently engulfed in tanks, air force missiles, etc. The factory burned down today. Great fire,” he said.

“There will always be about 200 civilians, including about 20 children.”

The U.S. ambassador says Russia plans to annex Donetsk and Luhansk regions

Michael Carpenter, US ambassador to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), said in an interview with CNN that Moscow plans to connect the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

“According to the latest information, we believe that Russia will try to unite the Donetsk and Luhansk republics with Russia. Our information establishes that the Russians want to hold a referendum in mid-May,” Michael said. Carpenter.

He said a similar move could take place in the Gerson region.

“We give them shelter, a place to sleep …”: Julius, a Ukrainian volunteer in Zaforizia, testifies about the welcome of refugees from Mariupol.

On BFMTV on Tuesday, Julius, a Ukrainian volunteer working at a reception center in Zaporizhia, returned to the reception conditions for visitors from Mariupol, while the first public is expected to leave the austere factory.

“We provide shelter and sleep for people from Mariupol … we feed them, we provide them with clothes, and they have the opportunity to continue their journey,” he explained.

The route from Mariupol to Saporisia was very long due to the environment.

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“From Berdyansk to Zaporizhia, there are 17 checkpoints (…) my parents took three days, while it usually takes only three hours,” he said.

British intelligence says Russian military “significantly weakened” following Ukraine invasion

In their daily update, British Defense Ministry intelligence confirmed that the Russian invasion of Ukraine had significantly weakened Moscow’s war machine.

“Following the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian military has become significantly weaker materially and ideologically.

British intelligence attributed Moscow’s inability to “implement strategic errors and operations” in the war, saying it was “impossible to turn numerical superiority into a decisive advantage”.

“Other Russian banks will pull out of Swift,” says EU foreign policy chief

The EU’s sixth sanctions against Russia will involve the withdrawal of “other banks” from the Swift exchange system, its High Representative for Foreign Affairs Joseph Borel said in Panama on Monday.

“These restrictions are about the banking sector, there will be other Russian banks coming out of Swift,” he said.

Boris Johnson addresses the Ukrainian parliament and announces new aid

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will address the Ukrainian parliament by video conference on Tuesday, the first time a Western leader has called off the Russian invasion and announced an additional மில்லியன் 300 million in military aid to Kiev.

He should tell Ukrainian MPs that “this is the time of your glory,” according to a Downing Street statement released Monday evening.

“When my country was under threat of invasion in World War II, our Parliament, like yours, continued to meet during the conflict, and the British people have shown such unity and determination that we remember our time of great danger as the hour of our glory,” Have to say.

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