Live war in Ukraine: Moscow accuses US of blocking ‘tough’ talks with kyiv


  • President of Ukraine Zhelensky will speak via video in the National Assembly At 3 p.m., he tries to gain more support for his country in the face of the Russian-led war.
  • Some 100,000 civilians are still stranded in the main port city of Mariupol, where Russian tanks entered after several weeks of shelling.
  • The White House announced on Thursday that Westerners would “announce new sanctions against Russia and strengthen existing ones”.
  • More than 3.5 million people fled Ukraine And fighting was sparked by the invading Russian army.


Queue calls on Western nations to provide “weapons of attack.”

“Our armed forces and our civilians are of inhumane courage, but without offensive weapons, you can not win a war without medium-range missiles, which will be a deterrent,” pleaded Andrei Yermak, chief of the Ukrainian presidency. In a video released in the Telegram on Tuesday evening. However, “they were not given to us,” he lamented. “As if they did not give us planes,” he added, a request that was consistently rejected by Westerners at this point Those who do not want to intervene militarily in Ukraine In fear that the conflict with Russia will escalate.


Zhelensky addresses the Japanese Parliament

“We see the inability of the Security Council. UN (…) Japan’s leadership will be decisive. I urge you to accept this role in seeking security guarantees, “said Ukraine’s President.


Moscow has accused the United States of obstructing Russia-Ukraine talks

US President Joe Biden is expected in Europe today, where he will seek to strengthen Western solidarity and increase sanctions against Russia.


It is suspected that 45 Russian ambassadors spied

The Polish counter-intelligence service ABW has identified 45 Russian ambassadors suspected of spying.

“Diplomatic operations (…) have drawn up a list of 45 people working in Poland for the Internal Security Agency, who are actually spying on Poland,” Stanislav Zarin told reporters. ABW Spokesperson.



China “supports” Putin’s participation in next G20

China has rejected the idea of ​​excluding Russia from the next G20 summit. “Russia is an important member state (G20) and no member has the right to expel another country,” a spokesman said.

The United States is exploring the possibility of excluding Russia from some international organizations. “On the G20 issue, I would say this: We believe that Russia can not act as if nothing had happened to the international community and the international community,” said Jake Sullivan, Joe Biden’s national security adviser. “But in specific companies and in specific decisions, we want to consult with our partners, and we want to consult with our partners in these companies before making a decision.”


“Without Russian gas, we would be shutting down a part of the European economy,” says Total CEO.

Almost a month after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the French group announced on Tuesday that it would drop all purchases of Russian oil or petroleum products by the end of this year.

“I know how to replace this Russian oil and diesel,” said Patrick Pouyanné, CEO of TotalEnergies, assuring us that “without Russian gas, we would be shutting down a part of the European economy.” RTL.

Will the whole group leave Russia? “I’m not going to do that, we’ve invested almost $ 13 billion in factories (…) The withdrawal is to give these 13 billion to the Russians at zero because no one can buy them. Should I give up assets to enrich the Russians who are licensed in Russia?”


“90% of residential homes in Mariupol” were damaged or destroyed

Alexei Arostovich, a military adviser to Volodymyr Zhelensky, said in an interview with BFMTV that “90% of the residential areas in the martyrdom city of Mariupol have been damaged or destroyed”. But he assures that the Russians “did not control the city.” “They have advanced in certain areas and their goal is to destroy the city.”



“Facing a frustrated enemy increases the risk”

“There is a deep frustration on the Russian side, which weighs on the conduct of operations. If confronted with a frustrated enemy, the risk increases. So it is possible chemical weapons,” warns Dominic de Vilpin.


“Tsunami threat to the planet,” warns Dominic de Wilfin

“If the war does not stop and intensify, the earth will face a tsunami,” the former prime minister promised. BFM TV. How to stop this conflict? “We need to tighten sanctions, address the messages sent to Putin, and show through negotiations the possibility that we will respond to each other,” he said.


Total embargo on Russian gas? No, says Richard Ferrand

“We are not ready because it is not possible (…) to affect the Russian political decision. (…) is not to punish the French. The difference with the Americans is that they are autonomous and sell their power.


“He will speak freely,” Richard Ferrand promises a few hours before Zhelensky speaks.

“This will be an opportunity to talk to the French. Let him tell us how things are organized to counter, where the discussions with the Russians are. Let him tell us the extent of the assistance he will receive. He will speak freely,” the National Assembly Speaker promised. France Inter.


The war against tuberculosis in Ukraine “stopped in a day”

Ukraine has been battling tuberculosis for a long time, until it became the deadliest pandemic in the world. Of Govt-19. According to Askar Yedilbayev, head of the WHO’s TB Division for Europe, the country is “a pioneering work” in the region. But with the Russian invasion, he told reporters, “Ukraine’s health services have been devastated.”


A cello between the ruins

Renowned French artist Gautier Capuçon shares an artist’s performance in kyiv amidst the ruins of the capital.


The first humanitarian train departing from Strasbourg

The first train of civil defense and humanitarian assistance to help the Ukrainian people will depart from Strasbourg station at 2 pm today in the direction of Romania. 160 tons of donations will be sent. Civil Defense renews its call for donations:


Anti-Belarus demands sanctions against Lukashenko


What message will President Zhelensky deliver to members of the French Parliament?

After the Italian, Israeli or German parliament, the Ukrainian president will present his case before the French delegation. What will he say? Find our answers.


Zhelensky was ready for a “compromise”

The Ukrainian president said yesterday that he was ready to hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin “Compromise” on Donbass and Crimea “Stop the war”, however, believes that any compromise must be approved by referendum by the Ukrainians.

The Kremlin on Tuesday ruled that ongoing talks with kyiv for its part were not “substantial” enough.

Volodymyr Zhelensky. AFP


The curfew order ended in Kiev, where “never” surrendered

“We will die in the worst case scenario, but we will never surrender,” Que Mayor Vitaly Klitschko told Russian troops before the European Council on Tuesday as he tried to encircle his city.


Biden warns of cyber attacks targeting the West

“Russia may be preparing for action against us, it has substantial computer resources, and it will happen,” Biden warned during a meeting with representatives of the business world in Washington on Monday.


100,000 civilians were trapped in Mariupol

About 100,000 people are still trapped under Russian bombs Like the besieged Mariupol, Almost a month after Russian forces began their invasion of Ukraine, controlling not only one large city but many more bombings. The city, which was almost completely destroyed by the Russians, is now described by its people as a “frost hell.”

Mariupol Martyr City. REUTERS


In view of the new Western barriers

Westerners will announce on Thursday New sanctions against Russia And “strengthen what already exists,” the White House announced on Tuesday.


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