LIVE – War in Ukraine: Russia says it shot down 4 ATACMS missiles launched in Crimea.

Russia on Saturday said it had shot down four ATACMS missiles over Crimea overnight.
These long-range weapons were recently supplied to Ukraine by the United States.
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More than two years of war in Ukraine

ATACMS missiles

Russia’s Defense Ministry said in a statement that Ukraine had “repelled” a nighttime attack by “ATACMS missiles,” long-range weapons recently supplied to Ukraine by the United States. “The air defense shot down four operational-tactical missiles on the border of the Crimean peninsula,” which Russia annexed in 2014, he added.

Russia has not indicated whether the missiles or debris from them caused any damage.

Remaking Europe

The head of EU diplomacy, Joseph Borrell, tried to reshape Europe in Oxford yesterday.

Ukraine: Borel wants to restructure EuropeSource: TF1 information

Kharkiv under bombs

LCI shared the daily lives of residents of Ukraine’s second city, which has faced relentless strikes from Moscow for weeks. Despite the daily danger, everyone learned to cope and live their lives as best they could.


Human losses

Some 150,000 Russian soldiers have been killed since Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine began in February 2022, according to estimates by the French foreign minister yesterday.

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Welcome to this live broadcast dedicated to the war in Ukraine. Find the latest information and powerful images on this conflict.

US diplomats on Friday condemned a recent campaign of cyber attacks in Europe and blamed Russia, as the German and Czech governments have already done.

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“The United States strongly condemns Malicious Internet Activities carried out by the military intelligence services of Russia (GRU) (…) against Germany, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Sweden”State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said in a statement.

Washington says the attack was carried out by a group called APT28. “A well-known dangerous actor with a long history of malicious, harmful, disruptive and disruptive practices”.

The State Department specifically recalls that it has decided to impose sanctions against some “actors” Because of the group’s activities during the 2016 US presidential election or targeting the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

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    Among the “war trophies” currently on display in Moscow is a French armored vehicle awarded to Ukraine?

In the event of cyberattacks in Europe, US authorities cooperated with Germany to block routers used by attackers, the press release further indicated.

The German and Czech governments on Friday blamed a group of Russian hackers controlled by Moscow in the latest campaign of cyberattacks in their countries. “Harmful Behavior” The European Union promised a firm response.

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