LIVE – War in Ukraine: Zelensky calls for “liberation” of Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

– NATO chief calls on allies to mobilize. “It is not too late for Ukraine to win” the war against Russia, Jens Stoltenberg assured on Thursday, as the West promised to provide it with more weapons. “In recent months, NATO allies have not provided support,” he lamented, in a speech at an awards ceremony in Berlin on transatlantic relations.

– Ukrainian attacks. In Russian-occupied territories, Russian occupation officials said two people were killed in a Ukrainian drone strike in the Zaporizhia region and two more in a Ukrainian artillery attack in the Kherson region. In Russia, a Ukrainian drone wounded four civilians, including a 14-year-old boy, who were traveling on a bus in the village of Kurkovychi in the Bryansk region, according to its governor, Alexandre Bogomas.

– Russian attacks. The regional prosecutor's office and governor Vadim Filachin said three people were killed and four wounded in a Russian missile attack on the village of Udachne, and three more in Kurakivka, Novoleksandrivka and Otseretino. All of these locations are located in the Donetsk region, where most of the fighting is concentrated.

Putin is going to China soon. The Russian president indicated on Thursday that he plans to travel to China for an official visit in May. Since March 2023, Mr. Beijing and Moscow have intensified their economic, diplomatic and military cooperation in recent years and their “strategic partnership” has been consolidated since the offensive launched in late February 2022 in Ukraine.

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