Macron “a great Italian politician” and “a reliable partner”

“Mario Draghi’s Italy will provide unfailing support in providing European responses to our common challenges,” the President declared.

Emmanuel Macron Congratulations on Mario Draghi on Thursday 21 July “A great Italian politician“,”A reliable partner“and”A friend from France“, then Board chairman resigns This is causing concern in the markets and in Europe.

I admire his unwavering commitment to reforming the country“, added the French president in a press release, considering that”Work» Performed by Mario DraghiCreating a very solid base that Italy can rest on in the coming months and years“.

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During the French presidencyIn the first half of 2022, the European Union,Mario Draghi’s Italy has been an unfailing supporter of European responses to our common challenges, particularly in the face of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.“, underlined again Emmanuel Macron.

welcome”A relationship of trust built in recent yearsHe also highlighted the signing of the Quirinal Treaty by Emmanuel Macron last November.It gave a new impetus“in”friendshipbetween the two countries.

Mario Draghi submitted his resignation letter to the Italian president on Thursday morning. Elections are expected soon.

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