Meghan Markle’s ‘Originals’ podcast outlines upcoming guest list – report – deadline

Meghan Markle‘s models podcast was number one on me spotify In the first 24 hours of last week, overtaking the front-runner in the United States Joe Rogan Experience.

The first episode featured Serena Williams, and it was announced that Mariah would be joining Mariah tomorrow on The Tomorrow Show.

This is a solid guest list for the launch and a cover story for shearing today open More star power to come. Constance Wu, Issa Rae, Lisa Ling, Margaret Cho and Ziwe are among the upcoming guests on the outlet’s lists. The piece also reveals more about the concept behind the show’s name and how it relates to many of the normative characteristics of women.

per pieces:

The rest of the episodes, you’ll be looking at labels like Old Maid, Dragon Lady, Bimbo, Crazy, Angry Black Woman, and Bitch (well, the “B-word,” she explains and then exclaims, “Oooooh! I want to say that word. It makes me so uncomfortable!” ), and Slut (Would you say slut Megan?” Oh my God. That makes me so uncomfortable.”)

The title of Williams’ episode was “Ambition Misconceptions”.

The deadline has reached Spotify and will add any feedback received.

Produced by Archewell Audio in partnership with Spotify’s Gimlet Media, models He arrived nearly two years after Markle and her husband Prince HarryUnder their Archewell Audio banner, they signed an exclusive multi-year deal with Spotify.

Another arm of Markle’s mutimedia with her husband is Archwell Productions, with whom she has a deal Netflix.

as a deadline I mentioned exclusively In May, her cartoon series Pearl It was quietly brought down by Netflix as part of the wave of cuts taking place in the streaming device.

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“There’s not much you can do when a company or department changes their menu,” Markle said of the cancellation. “And there’s not much you can do when, even if they think the project is great, the media will report it as if it was only my project.”

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