‘Merciless killer’ of homeless wanted in New York and Washington

Suspicious – A bearded man with a shaved head, thin and young – Played In “cold blood” in the “same mode of action” against men sleeping on the streets.

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Two of the homeless were killed and three wounded by his bullets. On Monday, March 14, in New York and Washington, a search was launched to find a man accused of committing night-time attacks on sleeping homeless people. “A ruthless killer is in hiding, but we are going to arrest him and put him in jail.”The mayors of the two cities, Eric Adams and Muriel Bowser, said in a joint statement.

The two elected Democrats unanimously called for asylum for the homeless in two American cities. They showed several pictures of the suspicious, bearded, thin and shaved young man and promised a reward of up to $ 70,000 (approximately ,000 64,000) for any information leading to his identification.

The perpetrator of these crimes, according to authorities, was responsible for at least five attacks “In the cold blood” With “Same procedure” Against men sleeping on the streets. The New York police chief said investigators contacted their colleagues across the country to make sure no one else was a victim. Homeless to stay “Already struggling daily to survive”She mentioned and promised to stop “Quickly” Their executioner.

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