Mets win 4th in a row, rump vs. Nationals

NEW YORK – Traditionally, Memorial Day is a time for teams to assess themselves. The Mets played 50 games at this point, nearly a third of the season. It is a large enough sample size to draw some conclusions, if not conclusions yet.

• Conclusion #1: The Mets are a good team.
Conclusion #2: The Mets could be a really good team.

It’s still too early to know the second part for sure, but the Mets continue to provide evidence to that end. they 13-5 victory over the citizens On Monday night at Citi Field, they left them with a record 33-17 that was comprehensive enough to be effectively surpassed in the third inning.

At that point, he was the top three hitter of the New York 8-for-8 squad with a home run, a walk, scoring four RBIs and five runs. The rest of the night was just a freeze as the Mets achieved their first four-game winning streak of the season.

Shortstop “Fun to watch” Francisco Lindor He said. “It’s fun to be a part of.”

Among the highlights Starling MartA two-stage Homer crowned with a four-round race off Erik Vide in the second half, three Lindor hits in the first three rounds and a burgeoning cult champion Nick PlummerBanner Day ends triple shy of the session. The Mets racked up 16 hits, with five of the nine hitters making it safely to base at least three times.

Not surprisingly, entering the night, the probability of the post-season Mets rose to 93.1%, according to FanGraphs data.

While 2021 Mets fans may be wary of this conclusion, the truth is that this club’s DNA has clearly changed from last summer. Last year, the Mets did not top the division by more than 5 and a half games. This season, they are already at the top NL East By 9 1/2. Their teams’ advance is the largest the Mets have ever held in May. With one day left, they’ve already hit a franchise record with 158 runs per month, coating double digits on Monday for the sixth time this year.

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In this way, the Mets routinely built late rallies and wiped out the deficit. They developed a habit of only being left behind for the right-back, as they did in allowing three first-half rounds to the Nationals before scoring scores before the game ended midway through.

“Sometimes we like to get discouraged, so we can go back,” Mart said.

Within single player games, this may be the case. In the course of the season, the Mets have found a more effective path to success by building an important leadership that they simply must maintain.

They also realize that May is not a time for celebration. When Principal Buck Showalter was asked this weekend about using Memorial Day as a self-evaluation checkpoint, he replied, “I think it’s a little early.” Then he explained, “I think it’s too early.”

However, it’s never too early to envision bigger, better and bolder things for a club that ranks above NL East in most meaningful statistical categories. This may not be a guarantee of October’s success, but it’s a good recipe for getting through the post-season. This is clearly where the Mets seem to be heading. This is clearly where they think they belong.

“As long as we understand that today, and tomorrow, I think we will be fine,” Lindor said. Nobody is looking forward. Nobody is looking forward to August, September. Everyone is focused on what we have today. And in the end, that’s what counts. … The front office has done a great job hiring professional baseball players — like legitimate, professional baseball players. And when you have that, good things happen.”

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