Nadine Zion’s ex-girlfriend, who has been missing since Sunday, has confessed to killing her

After two days of research, the wait for Nadine’s loved ones yielded a grim conclusion. His ex-wife, who was arrested on Tuesday, confessed to killing him.

His relatives posted a search notice on social media on Monday. “If you saw Nadine yesterday (Sunday 25 June at 4pm) please contact me urgently”. Nadine Zion is finally killed by his ex-wife.

The man, who was arrested Tuesday, admitted to strangling her body before putting it in a trash bag and dumping it in a dumpster. He has been actively wanted since Monday because of his violent and previous convictions for violent acts against his ex-partner. The day his house was raided.

The young woman was spotted with the suspect between Barakani and Mkombani neighborhoods around 8pm on Sunday. Witnesses say they saw “The White Truck” leaving a snack bar later at 9 p.m.

Suspicion is confirmed the next morning when the ex-wife drops off Nadine’s broken-down scooter with her roommates, giving conflicting explanations. According to our sources, the ex-husband told his family he had “done something horrible.”

Currently, the enforcement agencies are searching for the body. Nadine Sion was the architect of the Tant’M company, but also a rugby player (RCM) and handball (DCO) in Mayotte.

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