Nebraska QB Casey Thompson enters the transfer gate: What it means for the Cornhuskers’ future

Nebraska quarterback Casey Thompson entered the transfer portal, the athlete to learn. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Thompson has appeared in 29 games for Nebraska and Texas in the past four seasons.
  • He threw 17 touchdowns and 10 interceptions in 2022, for a total of 2,407 yards.
  • Thompson had off-season surgery and was restricted this spring.

the athleteInstant Analysis:

What does this mean for Nebraska?

Jeff Sims is the presumptive initiator this fall. The Georgia Tech transfer, with its strong spring, got the advantage over Thompson, who took a hiatus from coaching while recovering from shoulder surgery. But Sims and Thompson were about to fight back in August after Thompson was back up to full strength. Now, Sims has to build momentum over the summer and dominate in August, with Heinrich Haarberg and Chubba Purdy as his backup. Thompson’s Richard Torres and Logan Smothers followed the Nebraska QBs into the gate this week. – Sherman

Could this have been avoided?

This is definitely not what the Nebraska coaches wanted. But Thompson, at a 24-year-old sixth year with a master’s degree in hand, wasn’t in a position to just hope he received a fair shake in the preseason. He probably needed to feel good about his chance. When Matt Rule secured Sims shortly after the coach joined the podium after last season, the process began to lose Thompson.

To everyone involved’s credit, Thompson has stayed engaged this season with the Huskers, even helping run calls in the spring scrimmages. But in the end, his departure was inevitable. – Sherman

What are Thompson’s options in the transfer portal?

With the exception of Tyler Buchner’s move from Notre Dame to Alabama, we haven’t really seen a lot of movement among the base-caliber QBs in the gate during this spring window. This is good news for Thompson.

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It’s easy to imagine him landing a school like Auburn or Florida that has some QB uncertainty coming out of the spring and would be interested in bringing in a veteran rookie. Thompson has played in many different offensive schemes during his college career and will have no trouble getting it all in and getting ready to start on his next stop. – Olson

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