New California law legalizes digital vehicle license plates

California drivers can now legally install an entirely new piece of technology on their car – digital license plates.

Bill AB 984, Written by Society member Laurie Wilson and signed into law By Governor Gavin Newsom on October 5.

The state’s first pilot program was set up in 2018 with 175,000 participants. Now, millions of licensed drivers can install tech-savvy devices.

The digital board was created by Biology It uses an electronic ink-style display, similar to that of an e-reader.

Notably, the digital plate opens up a plethora of customization possibilities including color options and border displays (similar to a license plate frame.) The device connects to an app and allows owners to take advantage of vehicle location services, security features, stolen vehicle reports, and registration renewals without the need for stickers or a visit. DMV website and more.

The panels can display various emergency messages, such as whether the vehicle has been stolen or an AMBER alert. According to Reviver, the built-in location tracker will allow police to easily locate a stolen vehicle.

There are currently two options to choose from – a battery powered version or a battery powered version.

A battery-powered option is available for all vehicles and is a “self-installing model with 5-year replaceable battery available at $19.95/month.”

The hardware-equipped version is “only offered to businesses and features a rugged, professionally installed model with integrated IT features and backlit display, priced at $24.95/month.”

Currently, only two states allow digital license plates – Arizona and Michigan – while Texas only allows digital license plates for commercial vehicles. Ten other countries are in various stages of adopting digital billboards in the future.

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“California is home to the rapidly growing technology for digital license plates,” the company says. “California has always been a place of innovation and opportunity, and AB 984 shows how we can use technology to improve compliance, deliver convenience, and advance industry standards.”

Digital billboards are now available for California residents to purchase.

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