New Star Wars game announcement comes with bad news

The announcement of a new (or rather, returning) Star Wars video game came with some pretty bad news. Recently, the 2008 version of . was revealed Star Wars Liberal Force You’ll get a new re-release on the Nintendo Switch later this spring. over the years, absolute power Star Wars has been a favorite of many, so seeing it gain a new port on a modern platform isn’t a bad thing at all. However, the version of the game that gets this new port is definitely less than ideal.

To be specific, the Nintendo Wii iteration of Star Wars Liberal Force It is the one that is ported to the Switch later this year. when absolute power First launched over a decade ago, it hit a variety of different platforms. As such, some versions of the game were considered better than others. For the most part, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 iterations of absolute power It was considered the best of the bunch while the Wii version was considered a little lower. Until we see that the Wii version of Star Wars Liberal Force The thing being brought to the Switch isn’t something that a number of fans likely don’t want to hear.

Although this news is a bit of a bug, the reason behind the Wii release of absolute power It is he who is ported to the Switch because the motion controls seen in this iteration of the game are also porting to Nintendo’s latest platform. Since the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers also have motion functions, this version of absolute power It seems to have been chosen to incorporate this aspect of the game. And while some fans may like the continued presence of the motion controls, the overall port quality may drop as a result.

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As for the Star Wars Liberal Force As a whole, the game is set to hit the Switch later this year on April 20th. If you’re looking to re-release yourself, it’s available to pre-order now for $19.99.

Are you disappointed to hear that the Wii version of absolute power Who is being brought to the Switch? Let me know your own thoughts on this situation either in the comments or on Twitter at Trustworthy.

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