New Ukrainian drone strikes in southern Russia's Belgorod and Kursk regions

In the Senate, the Communist group and RN senators announced that they would vote against the agreement with Ukraine.

“Vladimir Putin's Military Aggression Is Unjustified” Communist Senator Cécile Cukierman announced on Wednesday, the condemnation “Warfare Propaganda” Remember that the government, and his group should vote against. For the senator, the agreement signed between France and Ukraine is a “The lack of clear limits to France's military commitment” and considering Ukraine's membership in NATO, “Cas Belly for Russia”. For Ms. Kukirman, it was a “Administrative drift puts France on brink of war”. In the face of nuclear power, “Certain strategies should be excluded”, She estimated.

For National Rally Senator Christopher Szurek, Vladimir Putin's war “War of Aggression” And this “The French people must stand together with the Ukrainian people”. However, the senator from Pas-de-Calois fears that France will take the risk “Cobelligerence”. “We don't see this deal as necessary to continue supporting Ukraine.” The senator continued.

For Bruno Retailleau, leader of Les Républicains group, this vote “A vote of support for Ukraine (…), In no case shall a vote be cast in favor of the President.”.

Mr. Retail business revealed his “concern” Regarding the President's comments regarding sending troops to Ukraine, and condemnation Inappropriate mix between foreign policy and domestic policy. He calls for reconciliation “unity” and ” true”As for his group, he recalled that Ukraine's accession to the Union or NATO was not adamant. “Agenda”. “Our vote is a vote to support Ukraine, a vote to support the President in any case”The senator from Wendy reiterated.

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Centrist Senator Philippe Foliot recalled his group “positive” Support for Ukraine was put to the vote, although the prime minister was criticized for not fixing it “Limitations”. For Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, a member of the centrist group Democrats, Progressives and Independents (RDPI), “You must have the courage to show no limits” Facing the enemy, and “This is what the RDPI committee will vote for [le soutien à l’Ukraine] “.

Claude Malhuret, senator of Allier and leader of Les Indépendants group, condemned. “Putin's Forces in France” Those who voted against the deal or did not vote in the assembly on Tuesday used the term repeatedly. “collaborators” Putin's. According to André Guiol, senator of the Var and member of the European Democratic and Social Rally (RDSE) committee, France's desire “to continue” His support for Ukraine.

Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Séjourné made the pledge at the end of the debate “This treaty is a treaty of peace.”. “Peace is what Ukraine asks of us” Mr. Sejournay continued. Agreement with Ukraine “Not a Hidden Membership Agreement”Neither to the EU nor to NATO, the foreign minister also recalled.

Armed Forces Minister Sébastien Lecornu, for his part, recalled its definitions. “War from Behind” Bruno Retailio mentioned that it was for the minister, A “Industrial War”Listing “attempts” Provided by the Department.

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