New York Giants ready to take RB Saquon Barkley calls, says GM Joe Schoen

Indianapolis – I will be Barclay Untouchable. New General Manager Joe Schoen said Tuesday in the NFL that the New York Giants are prepared to at least entertain the phone calls when the talent returns.

With a new system in place, a tough salary cap and three injury-ridden seasons for Barkley, Schoen said he’s ready to hear about the offers available. The giants are currently valued at more than $11 million over the cap, according to ESPN’s List Management System. They will have to shed the extra weight by cutting or trading some top players.

Among the possibilities appears to be a transfer of Barkley, who is guaranteeing a $7.217 million option for the fifth year of his 2022 junior contract.

“We’re still working through that, but I’m open to everything,” Schwinn said. “Like if he trades player for player; I will listen to anyone. If he trades players – I wouldn’t say the whole list, [that] We are open to working on the entire list. But if anyone called and was interested in any of our players. I will definitely listen.

“Again, we’re in a situation where, unfortunately, we have to be under the salary cap. We’re not very healthy for the salary cap. Again, I’m not going to say yes to every deal, but I will definitely listen and be open to better positions for the New York Giants.”

Schwinn had a much different tone when asked specifically about the midfielder Daniel Jones And a wide receiver Kadarius Tonyin the first round last year from the University of Florida who struggled to stay on the field due to injuries.

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Their imminent future appears to be more certain with the Giants, even if the team leaders have indicated there is no decision on Jones’ choice for a fifth year. This is due this spring.

“We’re going to be competing everywhere, but Daniel Jones is the starting quarterback we have now,” said Schoen.

This echoed comments from Schoen and new coach Brian Daboll during their preliminary press conferences, when they indicated that the attack would be based on Jones’ skill set.

Tony, 23, was the 20th overall pick just last year. He had 39 receptions for 420 yards in 10 games (four starts) as a rookie. They’re looking to be a part of the new crime, too.

“I don’t think Kadarius is a tradable piece,” Schwinn said of the young playmaker. “Again, if someone calls, we’ll listen. He’s a good player, a young man that our coaches really like. We’ve been in constant contact with him and are excited to see what he can do.”

Regardless, there will be some notable moves. Schoen wants to shell out $40 million of maximum space in the next few weeks.

back corner James Bradbury (Maximum $21.8 million), Court End Kyle Rudolph ($7.4 million) and gambling Riley Dixon ($3.12 million) are among the players who can be transferred. wide future sterling shepherd ($12.5 million), which comes out of an Achilles tendon injury, is another contract that can be modified or remedied.

Asked when the cap reduction would start “soon,” Schoen said, noting that it will start before the free agency opens in just over two weeks.

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Meanwhile, the Giants have plenty of contingency plans in place. There are several ways in which they can reach Schoen’s intended target.

Barkley could be the biggest name to fall victim to hat injuries. He had 2,028 yards as a rookie. He’s had 2,391 in the three seasons since, largely due to injuries. He had a sprained right ankle in 2019, a ruptured ACL the following year and a problem with his left ankle last season. It greatly affected its production and value.

But the Giants still think Barkley is a great player… when he’s healthy. If he stays with the team, he’ll be a big part of the offense.

“I think if you have good players you try to get the ball in their hands as much as possible. Whatever that is – running back, tight end, receiver,” Daboll said. “I will be a good player for us. We will do our best to try and put him in a good position.”

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