NFL Scouting collects 2022 results, takeaway: QBs, WRs and TEs run 40-yard dash, compete in drills

The quarterbacks, tight ends, and receivers of the 2022 NFL Combine certainly didn’t disappoint. We had an astonishingly fast set of receivers, a big, sporty set of tight ends, and quarterbacks showing their arms on deep balls to end the evening, which wrapped up just before 10pm ET.

Below you can find some notable takeaways from the night. We’ll be back with live coverage on Friday starting at 4PM ET.

receptors fly

The receivers made a 40-yard dash forward quickly. From 4.28 official Tyquan Thornton to 4.31 to 9 for Velus Jones – yes, nine – another wide running under 4.40, perhaps the fastest receiving group in history. North Dakota’s Christian Watson ran 4.36 with a vertical jump of 38.5 inches 11 feet, four inches while Alec Pierce of Cincinnati dazzled at 6-3, 211 pounds with a 4.33-pound jump in the 40’s to go along with a 40.5-inch vertical and 10 feet, 9 inch wide jump. Speed ​​and blast, this receiver class has both in spades.

The large narrow end set impresses

This is a great narrow end class. And no, it’s just not that big compared to normal humans. Large compared to the last narrow categories. There were six tight ends at least 6-6 and only three under 6-4.

Virginia’s Gilani Woods circled the tight 6-7 to 4.61 times in the 40’s, while Maryland’s Chigozim Okonkwo—the tightest 6-2 4/8″ and 238 pounds—led the group at 4.52.

Midfielders show off their arm strength

I don’t make much use of the quarterback’s off-air predictions for the gathering, but wrapping up the evening was fun. I let Liberty owner Willis, Carson Strong of Nevada, Desmond Reader of Cincinnati and Kenny Pickett of Pittsburgh tear up the field and throw a few throws into the 60-yard bucket down the field. The fans in attendance loved it. I’ve done that too.

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