Nikki Haley has announced that she will vote for Donald Trump

Former Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley announced Wednesday, May 22, that she will vote for Donald Trump in November. The person who had criticized the former president in the past called him and spoke “give me a hand” to moderate voters who supported him during the Republican primaries.

Although Donald Trump has recently vowed that Nikki Haley is not one of the people he is considering for the position, the announcement could well renew speculation about the vice presidential race on the right.

The former US ambassador to the UN spoke publicly for the first time since withdrawing from the race for the Republican nomination. Asked about a top candidate for president by the conservative think tank Hudson Institute, he said he was nominated. “A President’s Priorities (…) I will protect the border » And “Supports Capitalism and Freedom”. “Trump is not perfect on these issues. I have made this clear many times,” he said., she added. But Democratic leader Joe “Biden is a disaster. So I will vote for Trump.”she said.

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Lauded by many moderate and independent Republican voters, the former South Carolina governor, however, issued a warning. A former president should “Reach out to the millions of people who voted for me and continue to support me and don’t think they will get behind him.”Did she say

A tough relationship between them

Nikki Haley threw in the towel in March when she faced off against Republican front-runner Donald Trump. But he continued to collect significant numbers of votes in certain primaries, explaining the refusal of moderate voters to rally behind the billionaire’s candidacy. When he finished his run for the White House, he didn’t give voting instructions to his troops, indicating that the real estate mogul was in charge. “Worthy of Votes” That she received.

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Once smooth, the relationship between Donald Trump and his former ambassador turned sour over the months. He called her several times, preferring inappropriate nicknames “Sparrow Brain”. With a staunchly conservative stance on the market economy, crime and morality, Nikki Haley has attracted many centrist or independent voters through her desire for political renewal.

During his campaign, he consistently said that Donald Trump was synonymous with chaos and that he would cause the Republicans to lose the presidential election. According to political scientist Larry Sabato, Nikki Haley is Mr. It was clear that he would vote for Trump. “Few Republicans have the guts of Liz Cheney”He was one of the leading Republicans in Congress before becoming one of the business mogul’s main critics after his supporters stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

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Mike Pence, former Vice President of Donald Trump, announced in March that he would not endorse him for the presidency. In reaction to Nikki Haley’s announcement, Joe Biden’s campaign released a video of Donald Trump in which he says all of the former governor’s constituents will vote for him. “I’m not sure I need more.”he said.

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