Nine wounded in Russian attack on Odessa

Essential items from April 22 from 10.30 pm onwards.

  • Volodymyr Zelensky thanked Joe Biden by phone “Unwavering Support” To Ukraine

The Ukrainian president and his US counterpart called each other later Monday, two days after the House of Representatives voted on a $60.84 billion (about 57 billion euros) aid package for Ukraine.

While Mr Zelensky thanked Mr Biden for his vote, the US president promised to send him to the Ukrainian leader. “quickly” Military assistance “important”, once Congress firmly accepted US aid. Also, Mr. Zelensky announced that Ukraine and the United States “Started working on defense treaty”.

  • Russian strike hits Kharkiv TV tower

In Kharkiv, northeastern Ukraine, a Russian strike hit the city's television tower, causing its top to collapse. “Employees were sheltered at the time of the alarm. There was no loss of life.”said In a message on TelegramHead of the Regional Military Administration, Oleh Synehoubov.

Volodymyr Zelensky condemned Monday evening “Outright intimidation, so that terror is visible throughout the city”.

  • “We are facing difficult times”Kyrillo Budanov, head of Ukrainian military intelligence, tells the BBC

The situation on the Ukrainian front will worsen in mid-May and early June, the head of Ukrainian military intelligence, Krylo Budanov, warned in an interview with the service on Monday. BBC Ukrainian. For its part, the Russian army claimed victory NovomikhailivkaAbout thirty kilometers from Donetsk (📍)

  • NATO Secretary General Says US Aid Delay Has Consequences on Ukraine Battlefield

“For months, the Ukrainians have been outnumbered in terms of firepower (…). The Russians received significantly more ammunition than the Ukrainians, who were forced to ration (…). But it's not too late. Ukrainians have demonstrated immense knowledge in defending their country.On MSNBC channel Mr. Stoltenberg declared.

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  • The EU has vowed not to rely on the US to help Ukraine

Josep Borrell calls on member states to supply Patriot missiles to Kyiv. Europeans on Monday pledged to continue helping Ukraine after the US gave Kyiv nearly $61 billion in aid. “We must move forward, this is an important moment”Latvian diplomatic chief Baiba Brace said as she arrived in Luxembourg for a meeting of EU foreign and defense ministers.

  • Over two hundred strikes in twenty-four hours in Zaporizhia

The Zaporozhye region in southern Ukraine came under heavy shelling on Sunday, the regional military administration said on Monday. In Telegram. Six localities were targeted “202” Strikes, according to the same source: Robotin, Mala Dokhmatchka, Kulyabol, Levatne, Novontrivka and Malinivka. The regional military administration announced that residential buildings had been destroyed, it said“There were no civilian casualties.”.

  • Poland ready to welcome nuclear weapons as Russia deploys new weapons in Kaliningrad and Belarus

President Andrzej Duda explains that Poland is ready to welcome nuclear weapons into its region if NATO decides to strengthen its eastern flank, having stationed Russia's new weapons in Kaliningrad and Belarus. true. Russia has announced that it will guarantee it “Security” If Warsaw has nuclear weapons, Kremlin spokesman says.

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