No Man’s Sky Pirates demolishes players in the Outlaws update

A ship flies over a snowy planet in No Man's Sky after the release of the Outlaws update.

screenshot: hello games

Yesterday, developer Hello Games Free Update 4,521,781 For his famous simulations of the universe, No Man’s Sky. It’s called Outlaws, and among other new features, it adds “Underground Hacking”, filled with an entire black market economy. But some players say it has been added too much pirates.

No Man’s Sky, first released in 2016 for PC and PlayStation 4, is a procedurally created space exploration game. Over the years, Hello Games Over a dozen important updates, introducing features like mechanics and planetary rules into the mix. “Outlaws”, which was rolled out on all platforms yesterday, Revamping the way air combat works for the game; Violent battles can now take place within the atmospheres of planets, and “pirates may invade your settlements.”

wind up No Man’s Sky subreddit, players say attacks, from NPC hackers, happen quite often. One person talks about how hackers invaded their home system six times over the course of 10 minutes, I wonder So, “Seriously!! Is this the new normal!!” Others shared stories about how she is currently being “broke” and “carnaged.” (The clear lead today on how much public opinion has shifted in the game: multiple players Note how, while frustrated by hacker attacks, they are optimistic about Hello’s ability to fix them.) Single player Share a video of the invasion. You can see them roaming the land, clearly minding their own business, when a group of hostile ships pop out of nowhere with lasers on them, prompting them to jump in their boat and take revenge. I’m sure this player was underwhelming, but won’t lie, the clip is great AF, like something out of a movie I definitely want to see on the big screen.

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It’s not that people resent pirate invasions per se; This is part of the game, and by most accounts is a fun and welcome part to boot. Players are only bothered by the frequent appearance of pirates during peaceful moments, something they only noticed after the release of the movie Outlaws.

Zain Popular No Man’s Sky youtube personality and internet personality, I recently posted a video Explain future updates – if not completely sealed (yet) to the public – from No Man’s SkyExperimental build. The next Per Xaine patch, which will be rolled out soon, includes a fix “for an issue that caused hackers to attack planetary buildings too frequently.” Hello Games confirmed this to Kotakubut did not provide a specific date.

A representative for Hello Games . said Kotaku. “Once [it’s] Through the test we expect that this [be released] On all platforms for the next day or so.”

In the meantime, be careful out there.

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