North Korea defends Putin, calling him ‘old man’

While Pyongyang openly supports Moscow, North Korea wanted to respond to the US president’s accusation that his Russian adversary in Ukraine had committed war crimes.

North Korea has held violent talks against US President Joe Biden, who has been accused of “old age” and “weakness” for accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin of war crimes in Ukraine.

Joe Biden has repeatedly accused Russia of war crimes, and caused trouble by declaring at the end of March that Vladimir Putin “could not stay in power.”

North Korea’s official KCNA news agency said in a statement on Saturday that “such irresponsible comments can only be made by the Yankees’ masterminds of aggression and conspiracy.”

“One can conclude that something is wrong with his intellectual abilities, and his irresponsible comments are evidence of the irresponsibility of an elderly person,” KCNA continued. “The future of the United States looks bleak because such a weak man is in power,” he added.

Great support from Pyongyang, Moscow

Pyongyang, one of its allies, openly supports Russia’s occupation of Ukraine, and accuses Washington of being “at the root of the current crisis.”

It is not uncommon for the official North Korean media to attack foreign leaders with violence and abusive language. When Joe Biden was the Democratic nominee for the US presidency, they treated Joe Biden as a “maniac dog” to “beat him with a stick”.

Former US President Donald Trump has been described as old and mentally ill. Former South Korean President Park Geun-hye has earned the title of “sorceress” and “cunning prostitute” for his part.

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