On his way to dethrone Tom Brady as Fox’s top analyst, Greg Olsen wins another Emmy

No pressure, Tom. nothing at all.

Broadcast newbie Tom Brady was already in hot water after being handed the job at Fox by Greg Olsen that received much public acclaim. To make matters more complicated, and even more embarrassing, Olsen won another Emmy for the job he lost to a bigger name. He may not be the best broadcaster.

Olsen received the award last night. As pointed out by AwfulAnnouncing.com,… Other nominees in this category They are Chris Collinsworth, Troy Aikman, Bill Raftery, John Smoltz, and Tom Verducci.

This was Olsen’s second consecutive win in the Outstanding Personality/Event Analyst category.

“I think there are a lot of people wondering what I’m going to say now,” Olsen said at the beginning of his acceptance speech.

“I don’t know what the future holds,” he later said. “All I know is that I like to talk about football, I like to talk about the ball. I like to study it. I like to see where the game is going. Wherever it takes me, whatever my level, I’m more committed to the game of football now. My wife lets me chase that at the end Every week after 15 years of a strange life I moved around the country playing the game, and now I travel around the country calling the game.

Fox Posted congratulations To Olsen on X. The responses are worth the price of admission.

Olsen will reportedly move to Fox’s No. 2 team with Joe Davis. Olsen’s pay will reportedly drop from $10 million annually to $3 million, while Brady will make $37.5 million.

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Olsen is sure to be a candidate for the top spot at another network, whenever the top spot becomes open. Which doesn’t happen often.

Emmy’s win adds to the chaos Fox has created for herself by chasing down a name, dropping a huge bag of cash on him, and putting him in an impossible situation. On many weekends this year, Olsen will inevitably work a 1:00 PM ET game that goes to the largest part of the country, and Brady will play the game at 4:25 PM ET. The ultimate apples-to-apples comparison will be created for football fans who dial into the NFL matrix on Sunday afternoon.

It will be interesting to see what happens next year, when the Emmys announce the nominees in the same category. Will Olsen win it for the third time in a row from second place at Fox? Will Brady be nominated?

Brady’s name and aura will help his cause in some circles. It will hurt his cause in others. At some point, it will boil down to two very simple things: (1) what he says; and (2) what it looks like. This is something completely independent of who the person is and what they have accomplished in any other field.

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